Top 9 New Korean Dramas March 2018 thumbnail

There are at least 9 New Korean Dramas set to start this month!!!! In the month following the Olympics Korean entertainment is pulling out all stops when it comes to dramas. March has some great stories and fantastic actors that make me so hype I really don't know what I'll watch first. Will it be [...]

Top 5 Rich Guy Poor Girl Kdramas 2018 thumbnail

Korean Dramas where the rich guy who falls for the poor girl is a trope that has been SOOOOOO overused in Kdramas! However, it has become a quintessential theme that many of us have come to love over the years. It's the Cinderella princess story line that girls are fed at a young age and [...]

Top 7 New Korean Dramas February 2018 thumbnail

New Korean Dramas of february are out! There are some unique gems in here too this month!! 'Eulachacha Waikiki' is about 3 men who wanted to work in the entertainment industry, but end up running a guest house in Itaewon that's facing bankruptcy when a single mother and her baby appear. 'Grand Prince' is a [...]

Top 5 New Korean Dramas January 2018 thumbnail

We have crossed over into 2018 and with that comes over 10 years of Korean drama watching for me. OMG hard to believe it! I feel so old.. TT. With all these years of "experience" thoguh comes a great understanding of dramas and so here is my overall thoughts on January's dramas: I think they're [...]

Where to Watch Korean Awards Shows Online thumbnail

During a recent performance at the 2017 SBS Gayo Daejeon, Suga from the Kpop group BTS did something nobody was expecting. BTS members came out onto the stage to perform their track 'Mic Drop' and while singing, he pulled the microphone away from his face to prove to everyone that he wasn't lip-syncing. Since it [...]

Top 10 Korean Drama Kisses 2017 thumbnail

It's time to wrap up 2017 with a holiday New Year kiss. Or in this case, 10 kisses I thought were fantastic and memorable this year. I'm LIVE on Twitch Now: Watch live video from hallyuback on In all my years of Korean drama watching I don't think I've ever seen anything quite like [...]

Top 10 Korean Dramas 2017 FAN VOTED thumbnail

Korean Dramas in 2017 for the WIN!!!!!!! Can't believe this list, and the number 1..... INCREDIBLE!! Things in this world are changing, that's what this list tells me :) Watch live video from hallyuback on Right now as this blog post is published I'm live on Twitch right now! We are doing a Memorial [...]

Top 5 Best Kdramas 2017 GIVEAWAY!! thumbnail

This video marks 5 years of wrapping up Korean Dramas with my picks for best dramas of the year! Wow, how time flies. 2017 has been a year of transition for us, and in many ways for Korean Dramas too. Several major networks faced some serious strikes that went on for months and affected programming. [...]

Best Korean Dramas OF ALL TIME [Top 10 List] thumbnail

I always get asked about what my favorite dramas are or for Kdrama recommendations from people - and one of my first questions is always - what genre are you looking for? You see, there are THOUSANDS of Korean dramas out there and always more new ones coming out every month. And so, to choose [...]

Top 5 New Korean Dramas August 2017 thumbnail

August is going to be sizzling HOT - and I'm not talking about the weather in the northern hemisphere! Starting off right with Lee Joong Ki fighting the bad guys in Criminal Minds and Go Kyung Pyo as a motorcycle heartthrob (ok it's a scooter and he's a delivery driver - but still!) in his [...]

Top 6 New Korean Dramas July 2017 GIVEAWAY!! thumbnail

It's time to start talking about July Korean Dramas! I am SO EXCITED for ALL the good kdramas coming out next month that I actually had to increase the Top 5 into a Top 6. There's historical drama, family drama, teen drama, hopeful drama, supernatural romance and even the "smexy older lady" aka the Noona [...]

Top 5 Best Korean Dramas 2017 so far thumbnail

Now that we are in June and halfway through the year, it's about time I tell you some of my favorite Korean dramas that I have and/or am currently enjoying. I think that these are the best of the best in MY personal opinion. I understand that not everyone will agree with my picks and [...]

Top 5 Teen Korean Dramas 2017 thumbnail

Teen dramas have always been a popular Korean Drama genre, and was one that I used to watch a lot of when I first started getting into Korean Dramas. One huge trend that I'm seeing is that a lot of dramas targeting younger people are switching over to the web drama format that can be [...]

Top 5 New Korean Dramas June 2017 thumbnail

Oh my goodness we are already making Korean Dramas videos for June! Now that we are almost halfway through the year and there have already been tons of Kdramas that have come out, which ones have you enjoyed the most so far?  I'll admit, I haven't gotten to watch as many as I normally do, [...]

Top 5 EXO Korean Dramas 2017 thumbnail

When I think of huge and well known Kpop idol groups that have a lot of talent that has crossed over beyond music, EXO comes to mind. They've been through a lot over the years but still remain consistently popular and give everyone a run for their money in the charts.  But music is but [...]

Top 5 New Korean Dramas May 2017 thumbnail

It's a new month of exciting Kdramas! The birds are chirping outside my window and the flowers are blooming.. a season of new beginnings, of heart-felt moments, of romance and love. There is a fun mix of new dramas out this month from Korea, in all sorts of genres. I particularly am totally looking forward [...]

Top 5 Must See Korean Dramas 2017 thumbnail

I don't know about you, but for me, life is interesting and full of ups and downs. But one of the few things that remains consistent is the ever present influx of Korean dramas. Sometimes it can even seem overwhelming as there are sooo many good dramas and I just never seem to have quite [...]

Top 5 New Korean Dramas of 2018 thumbnail

Today I'm counting down the Top 5 New Korean Dramas of 2018.. April Fools! Every year, for what has now been the last 5 years I've made a list of dramas that I think SHOULD come out in the next year, hoping that somewhere the writers and casting directors of Korean dramaland will maybe take [...]

Top 5 New Korean Dramas April 2017 thumbnail

Korean dramaland is certainly looking a bit different this year!  If you don't recognize the face on the poster that is Sung Hoon - an actor that has earned his way into leading roles and into our hearts. The first time I saw him was back in 2012 in 'Faith - The Great Doctor' where [...]

Top 5 Kdrama Romantic Comedies 2017 thumbnail

Its interesting watching the evolution of Korean Dramas over the years. In many ways Korean Dramas get better each and every year with higher production quality, and the transition to many of them being pre-recorded allowing for better working conditions for actors and production crews. One thing that stays consistent though is the love of [...]

Top 5 New Korean Dramas March 2017 thumbnail

Spring is certainly in the air early this year! And while there's by all appearances not a lot of "romance" dramas this month, there will be a lot of dramatic intrigue to keep your attention. Some issues that I think Korean dramaland is taking the lead on this month: Suicide prevention - one of the [...]

Top 5 Rich Guy Poor Girl Kdramas 2017 thumbnail

If you've been a fan of Korean dramas for any length of time, you may know the popularity and love for the genre that I can only call "Rich Guy, Poor Girl". Basically it's the kdrama version take on the Disney princess story. You have some guy who may or may not be completely flawed [...]

Top 5 New Kdramas Feb. 2017 GIVEAWAY!!!! thumbnail

Whew with all the cray that's going on in the world lately, I am SO THANKFUL for the distraction and escape that is sitting down for a Korean dramathon! Before I go on any further about these upcoming new Feb. Kdramas, I want to make sure you guys know about the GIVEAWAY!! KAYGAL is giving away [...]

Top 5 New Korean Dramas January 2017 thumbnail

It's 2017!!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!! It's a new month, and we all know what that means: lots of new Kdramas coming your way! Before I go any further, I'd like to briefly talk about KAYGAL, this video's sponsor. KAYGAL is a new Korean Cosmetic's Brand and Company that has launched in 2017. What makes KAYGAL [...]

We're ending 2016 with a BIG BANG, Korean Drama Kiss Scenes video bang that is! I think we can all agree Korean Drama kiss scenes are improving. If you've been watching HallyuBack videos since we began making them, years ago kissing scenes were more stiff and timid. Boy have them come a long way since [...]

Top 10 Best Korean Dramas 2016 [FAN VOTED] thumbnail

The fan voted Korean dramas. I feel like I've said this before, but it's maybe one of my favorite videos to shoot every year. Each and every month, the list is made up of my own observations and research into what dramas are coming out - and what I think others and myself would enjoy. And [...]

Top 5 New Korean Dramas December 2016 thumbnail

The end of 2016. We are almost there. We're at the end of the new monthly dramas to be announced anyways. I find it interesting that most of the dramas being released have had quite a lot of hype throughout the year.  I feel like as Kdramas improve in quality - the release delays become more frequent. [...]

TOP 5 BTS Songs OF ALL TIME!! thumbnail

In light of the recent ARMY takeover of all the kpop charts I decided it was quite appropriate to do a video dedicated to these boys. As I say in the video I feel like a "mom" because I've been into kpop far longer than they've been performing... and they're babies. But, I couldn't be [...]

Top 5 New Korean Dramas November 2016 thumbnail

How is it that every year the months fly by even quicker? I feel like it was just yesterday that I was talking about Cheese in the Trap. Oh well! November it is!! As the weather starts turning colder here in the northern hemisphere I find myself really enjoying snuggling down with the kitty's, fluffy blankets and [...]

Top 7 “W” Kiss Scenes thumbnail

There comes a point in every year since I've been watching/reviewing Korean dramas where you get a "this is the one" drama. These fantastic dramas (though some end up dated in time) have great cinematography, terrific acting and perfectly developed scripted plots. They keep you hanging on the edge of your seat waiting for the next [...]

Top 5 New Korean Dramas October 2016 thumbnail

How lucky are we that New Korean Dramas come out every month! This means we’ll literally never run out of some of our favorite entertainment! It does pose a bit of a challenge for us as well. How can we all find the time to keep up with the latest releases? Many of us work, [...]

Top 5 Must See Romantic Korean Dramas thumbnail

While Korean Romantic Comedy Dramas might not be your ABSOLUTE FAVORITE genre of Kdrama, if I had to guess I'd say they just might be the most popular around the world. If you're reading this you may have seen as many Korean Romantic Comedies as me, or even more! There are many reasons for this, but [...]

Top 5 New Korean Dramas September 2016 thumbnail

Hey guys! While some of you may be like me and totally immersed in W, you may not realize that a whole slew of new dramas are coming out! Actually to be honest, there are a ton of really great looking dramas happening here in the VERY END of August (why do you do that [...]

Top 5 Korean Drama Kisses Summer 2016 thumbnail

This summer has lived up to the hype! And there's no way I would let the summer pass me by without noting the hottest, smexiest, most passionate kiss scenes in Kdramas! Kim So Hyun is all grown up! Lee Jong Suk is back and looking smexier than EVER! And, Uncontrollably Fond has been a bit [...]

Top 5 Reasons to Love Korean Dramas thumbnail

For those of us who have ALREADY discovered Korean Dramas, maybe this list isn't necessary. Even though it's been nearly 4 years since I started reviewing Korean Dramas and making Top 5 videos, I notice WAY MORE OFTEN than you would think comments thanking me for the wonderful videos that new fans just discovered.. because [...]

Top 5 New Kdramas August 2016 GIVEAWAY!!!! thumbnail

Goodness gracious it's already August!!! How does time fly by so quickly..maybe I watch too many dramas?? Lol, no such thing! Really excited for the dramas coming out this month you guys!  Maybe some of you aren't loving the idea of Historical kdramas, I know that I didn't like them much in the beginning. For [...]

Top 5 Korean Melodramas 2016 thumbnail

It is hot and dry in New York you guys! I don't know about you, but for me, along with that comes a bit of moodiness and a desire to stay inside and watch dramas. Particularly ones that not only are a bit zany enough to keep me entertained but also are full of emotions [...]

Top 5 Korean Summer Romantic Comedies 2016 thumbnail

One of the most beloved genres of Korean drama is the romantic comedy. It's seriously my favorite as Korea does them so very well (other than the kissing scenes then unfortunately Taiwan usually has them beat). With new dramas being announced each month the best romantic comedies change multiple times throughout the year. In fact, most [...]

Top 10 Korean Drama Kiss Scenes 2016 thumbnail

This week it's all about making sparks fly! And no, I'm not talking about 4th of July fireworks.. I'm talking Sizzling HOT Korean Drama Kisses!! Okay so maybe they're more cute than hot sometimes, but they still make my heart go O(≧▽≦)O!!! This may be one of my favorite videos to make all year. I [...]

Top 10 Best Korean Dramas of 2016 thumbnail

Hey guyz! Since we are more than halfway through the year I thought it would be a great time to give you my Top 10 kdramas to watch in 2016. Honestly, I haven't even seen all of them as some haven't aired yet.  But based on years of experience studying dramas and the actors, I know [...]

Top 5 New Korean Dramas July 2016 thumbnail

OMG we are officially on the second half of the 2016 Kdramas!!! It kind of blows my mind, though I guess I shouldn't be surprised.  Yet, I'm very excited because that just means there are even more great dramas to keep cool inside with during the hot summer months! I'm currently busy wrapping up Entertainer [...]

Top 5 New Fall Korean Dramas 2016 thumbnail

After a long 2 year wait, Lee Min Ho is making his comeback to Korean dramaland!! I feel like I've been waiting for forever to write this in a blog, if only because we've gotten so many questions about when he'd come back to dramaland. With Legend of the Blue Sea, he's certainly stepping outside [...]

Top 5 New 2017 Korean Dramas thumbnail

Not many things make me happier in this world than being snuggled up on the couch or in bed with my charged up ipad, a good cup of tea, maybe a small snack, and the beginning to a new episode of a good drama. It's something I like so much that sometimes I find myself [...]

Top 5 New Kdramas June 2016 GIVEAWAY!! thumbnail

June is my favorite month of the year! And what better way to celebrate my favorite month than with a GIVEAWAY for you guyz!! In June, things are growing, it's warm.. I also have a birthday.  It's quite an awesome month.  Things are going to be busy but that doesn't mean that I won't be [...]

Top 5 Historical Korean Dramas 2016 thumbnail

2016 must be the year of the Korean Historical Drama! Now I know that there are a lot of historical dramas every year, but usually the dramas that the big name actors and actresses sign on for are more modern dramas or at least modern/historical time traveling dramas. There will be at least one of [...]

Top 5 Korean Drama Second Leads 2016 thumbnail

When watching a Korean drama there's always the lead guy.  Maybe he's arrogant, most likely he's dashingly handsome and talented in one way or another (even if it's just being super rich). And go figure, he almost ALWAYS gets the girl.  But off to the side, watching it all unfold is the second lead.  He's [...]

Top 5 New Korean Dramas May 2016 thumbnail

May has always been one of those months.. a month of anticipation and a sign for things to come. When I was in the school system as a student or as a teacher I was longing for summer vacation and even now I'm just looking forward to summer weather and being able to really garden!  [...]

Top 5 Rich Guy Poor Girl Kdramas 2016 thumbnail

Rich Guy, Poor Girl dramas are a classic staple in Korean dramaland.  Some of the most popular and best dramas of all time are this genre - Boys Over Flowers, Fated to Love You, Secret Garden, Heirs, Kill Me Heal Me, Master's Sun.. I could go on.. It's such a popular genre that I make [...]

Top 5 Teenage Korean Dramas 2016 thumbnail

While I may be a little old for the Teen Drama category in Kdramas, I do love and respect a good teen drama - especially since it was a boys high school teen drama that got me hooked on Asian dramas in the first place.   It's also a great way to keep an eye [...]

Top 5 Must See Korean Dramas 2016 thumbnail

There's a lot of Korean dramas that come out every year but while all have their merits, some tend to be better or more popular than others. Typically these have the biggest actors in their cast just because they get to pick and choose which dramas they do.  Here are 5 that I think have [...]

2NE1 Breaking Up Permanently? thumbnail

Did you hear about Minzy leaving 2NE1? I woke up this morning to the news plastered all over my social medias thanks to some very unhappy Blackjacks. Yes folks, it’s true – after 7 years as a member of 2NE1 and 11 years under contract with YG, Minzy has decided to go her own way [...]

Top 5 New Korean Dramas April 2016 thumbnail

It's almost APRIL!!!! Typically this means warmer weather here in the northern hemisphere and I cannot wait!   But weather aside - dramas!  There's actually not a lot of dramas coming out in April because the powers that be in dramaland decided to schedule the lot of them to start in the end of March [...]

Top 5 Song Joong Ki Korean Dramas thumbnail

Song Joong Ki has been one of my favorite actors in Korean drama land since I first saw him in Innocent Man. For those of you who’ve watched dramas for many years this might not be so special, but for me it was a very special time. I had just started doing HallyuBack and would [...]

‘Descendants’ Passes ‘My Love From The Stars’? thumbnail

It's official you guys.. Descendants of the Sun is the BIGGEST Korean drama in recent history!!!! In 6 episodes, they've surpassed You Who Came From the Stars which was hugely popular - and I couldn't be more thrilled. Currently on board watching the drama myself, I completely understand the hype. While a modern somewhat realistic [...]

Top 5 Korean Drama Kiss Scenes 2016 thumbnail

Somehow, some way kissing scenes in Korean dramas keep getting better and better every year! Seriously though, go back a couple of years and the amount of kissing scenes decreases - by a lot!  Even in making this video I know that I left some great kisses out.. Hello Descendants of the Sun. :) That's [...]

LIVE CHAT w/ MINHO Korean Drama GIVEAWAY!! thumbnail

Hey everyone!! Our next LIVE CHAT #dramatalk is scheduled for Saturday March 5th 2016 at 3pm NY Time! Gather up your thoughts on the latest dramas you've been watching, and let's all hang out chatting about Kdrama, Jdrama, WHATEVER dramas you like! This LIVE CHAT #dramatalk is also a KOREAN COSMETICS GIVEAWAY!!!! The wonderful people [...]

Top 5 New Kdramas March 2016 GIVEAWAY!! thumbnail

Not only do we have brand new Korean Dramas to check out for next month, but this week's Top 5 Friday video is a GIVEAWAY!! We've teamed up with the wonderful people at Kokobox Korea to give one of our lucky viewers an entire Kokobox filled with new Korean Cosmetics! To enter the Giveaway, it's [...]

Top 10 Sexiest Kpop Singers 2016 thumbnail

There’s nothing that fangirls (and guys) of Korean entertainment like more than smexy guys! I’ve also found that living in the US, I tend to seek out Kpop more since I don’t hear it on the radio and when traveling about doing my normal errands. Here’s a list that I made up of some of [...]

Top 10 Sexiest Korean Drama Stars 2016 thumbnail

There's a lot of reasons to like dramas - the music, the storyline, the fashion, the drama.. but heck, who am I kidding? One big reason to watch Korean dramas is the smexy men! While there are many many more who will be making drama appearances, here are 10 of my current favorites that are [...]

Top 5 Korean Drama Romantic Comedies 2016 thumbnail

There's nothing like a romantic comedy. Especially with spring in the air - or at least Valentine's and White Days coming up!  I personally am sincerely looking forward to the warmer weather and being able to enjoy the fresh air without bundling up like a snowman..  But for now, there's more time to snuggle up [...]

Top 5 New Korean Dramas February 2016 thumbnail

I may be currently busy watching two great Kdramas that came out in January (Cheese in the Trap & Madame Antoine) but that doesn't mean that I can't get excited for the rest of 2016. Heck, they've already mentioned possible dramas by Park Shin Hye, Lee Min Ho and Jang Geun Suk!!!! Pardon me as [...]

Top 5 New Thai Dramas 2016 (Thailand) thumbnail

When I made my first EVER Asian drama review back in 2012, I never imagined in my wildest dreams that I’d eventually be making a video about the New Thai Dramas of 2016. I’m sure some of you weren’t expecting it either.   These days with the internet so readily available at all of our [...]

Top 5 New Chinese Dramas 2016 thumbnail

GUYZS: Four out of the 5 dramas ON THIS LIST have KOREAN ACTORS STARRING IN THEM!!!!!!!!!!! Whaaaaaaaat?!?!!!!! Whether you're ready for it or not, it looks like Chinese Dramas have landed on the drama scene and may just be here to stay! Crazy as that sounds, and if you're not expecting to hear that, I think [...]

Top 5 New Kpop Comebacks January 2016 thumbnail

It's the New Year and I KNOW I can't be the only one excited for New Korean Dramas AND Kpop music in 2016!!   Since having started counting down Kpop Comebacks, I've been listening to more Kpop. (this is my third Top 5 Kpop Comeback video if anyone is keeping track haha) Is it just [...]

Korea’s Tallest Kpop Idols thumbnail

2016 IS HERE!!!! Happy New Year everyone! What better way to start off a new year than by a nice little video sharing who are some of the tallest (and Smexiest!) men in the Koren entertainment world.   By the way: I uploaded the brand new Korean Dramas coming out in 2016! Have you seen [...]

Top 5 New Korean Dramas January 2016 thumbnail

HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYZ!! As many of us know, in dramaland, nearing the end of the year can be quite exciting. We have so many fun lists to count down for the end of the year! What's also so incredible? Now that it's the new year, we get to start doing it all over again! [...]

Top 10 Best Korean Drama Actors 2015 thumbnail

With 2015 coming to a close, what better way to go out WITH A BANG than to let you guys choose the best of the year Top 5 Friday lists! After having you guyz choose the Best Korean Dramas of 2015, having you vote for the Best Korean Drama Actors just seemed like the logical next step! [...]

Top 20 Korean Drama Kisses 2015 thumbnail

It's been slightly over 3 years since I began making YouTube videos about dramas, and end of the year has now become my favorite time to make countdown videos! Why wouldn't it be?!? I'm getting to talk about mine and everyone's favorite dramas of the year!! I decided this year to go all out and make the [...]

Top 10 Best Korean Dramas 2015 [Fan Voted] thumbnail

It’s that MOST EXCITING time of year again.. one of my favorite videos to make anyways: the Top 10 Best Korean Dramas of 2015 as VOTED BY YOU GUYZ!!!!   For the rest of the year, the Top 5 Friday videos are always written and chosen by me. They are (obviously) influenced by my opinion [...]

Top 5 Kpop Comebacks December 2015 thumbnail

Can I just say.. I’m stoked to be talking about Kpop! Since deciding to add monthly Kpop Comebacks to Top 5 Friday videos I’ve been.. how do I say this.. rejuenvated! It’s weird to even say that, but I annoy tell a lie haha.   Kpop is such a big part of Korean entertainment these [...]

Top 5 Best Korean Dramas 2015 thumbnail

Can't believe that it's almost the end of the year!! I think it's harder to believe considering I'm currently down in Florida enjoying super warm weather still.. but I did hear Christmas music on the radio last night!   So, I guess it's time to start wrapping up the year and tell you guys about [...]

Top 5 Kpop Comebacks November 2015 thumbnail

There were and still are a sick amount of Kpop Comebacks this November, so many that I've been inspired to add a new element to Top 5 Fridays! And now that this theme has been made for November, I'm realizing this may have been LONG OVERDUE!!!!   Please let me know if I should make [...]

LIVE CHAT KOKOBOX GIVEAWAY!!!! #dramatalk thumbnail

Hey everyone! There's a New LIVE CHAT #dramatalk scheduled for this Saturday November 21st 2015 at 4pm NY Time. We'll be chatting about all the latest Korean Dramas (as well as older ones!), and really anything Korea :)   I will also be announcing the winner of the Kokobox GIVEAWAY!!!! We've partnered with Kokobox Korea [...]

Top 5 New Kdramas December 2015 GIVEAWAY!! thumbnail

The lineup for dramas to watch in December looks super intense and I'm more than psyched! And considering December is normally cold in the northern hemisphere, looks like next month is about to heat up and sizzle!   I have to admit though, when I first started looking I was a bit nervous. You see, [...]

Top 5 Halloween Korean Romance Dramas thumbnail

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays if for no other reason than it gives us all an excuse to dress up in costumes.. like I did for this video!   In Korean dramas you see a lot of suspenseful dramas, but I've also noticed that every year they try to come out with a [...]

Korean BBQ in Montreal thumbnail

It's no secret how much we love Korean food! Who doesn't these days? It's probably the number one thing Richard and I miss most about living away from Korea. We recently took a trip to Montreal, Canada where we were visiting our friend Natacha who lives there. We first met Natacha when she visited Korea [...]

Top 5 New Korean Dramas November 2015 thumbnail

New Korean Dramas on the horizon look pretty good for the month of November!   It seems these days that every time I turn around, another new Korean web drama is planned, or another new drama with an idol or two will be airing. It’s insane how quickly things evolve in drama land, isn’t it? [...]

Top 5 Korean Romantic Comedies Fall 2015 thumbnail

Fall is officially here in the northern hemisphere and the weather is already starting to turn! I was in the car with Richard yesterday and we drove past 2 farms selling pumpkins! Yes, I do need to get a few pumkins but! I still cannot believe summer is already in the review mirror. That's insanity! [...]

Top 5 New Thai Dramas 2015 (Thailand) thumbnail

In a continuation on last weekend's Chinese Top 5 Friday, I decided to explore another country's selections for drama viewing: this time in Thailand!   In my life I've spent a total of about 3 weeks in Thailand for our honeymoon. It was certainly an enjoyable experience but what it didn't introduce me to was Thai [...]

Top 5 New Chinese Dramas 2015 thumbnail

The other week I was looking for new Taiwanese Dramas to watch and talk about. The Korean Drama that I had been anticipating ‘She Was Pretty’ hadn't started airing yet, and I was stuck in a drama limbo.   In looking for a good drama however I was struck by how many even better looking [...]

Top 5 New Korean Dramas Oct. 2015 GIVEAWAY!! thumbnail

It's officially fall.. gotta say I admit that with some bitter-sweetness.. I am not looking forward to the impending cold spell that is sure to hit all too soon! And yet, no offense to any of you drama lovers out there but Kdramaland has had a bit of a dry spell these last two months.  [...]

Top 5 Teenage Korean Dramas 2015 thumbnail

This video is just in time for back to school! It's loosely based on teenage high school and college age Korean drama videos. I included college/university dramas because I remember when I was a high schooler I used to dream about high school. Some of these dramas have finished airing and others have yet to [...]

Top 5 SHINee Minho Korean Dramas thumbnail

In the years that I've been following Korean dramas if there's one thing I've noticed, it's the power that comes with guys named Min Ho! Both the unstoppable Lee Min Ho and the younger idol Choi Min Ho have this super star essence that just captures the fangirls.. and boys.   But with a huge [...]

Top 5 Ji Chang Wook Kiss Scenes thumbnail

Recently at KCON I had the opportunity to talk with some of you about your favorite dramas.  Time and again, Healer often comes up in conversations both there and online when discussing your recent favorite dramas.  Having watched Healer I know that one of the biggest draws is the phenomenal acting of Ji Chang Wook. [...]

Top 5 New Korean Dramas September 2015 thumbnail

While there are plenty of new Kdramas that have come out in August, I haven't really found myself watching any of them.  I think it's because there is just too much going on this month for me personally, not to mention I have plenty of kdramas to catch up on that I've put on hold. [...]

Top 5 Korean Drama Kisses Summer 2015 thumbnail

To say that Korean drama kisses are the story arc that people who watch kdramas anticipate is an understatement.  If there are two things that I find we look forward to more than anything: shower scenes and smexy kisses!! To help make your summer a little brighter and perhaps help you find some new smexy [...]

Top 5 New Korean Dramas August 2015 thumbnail

Already we're over the hump of the year and August is almost upon us! To me, I just know that the month is going to be full of ups and downs - the biggest up likely being KCON2015 NYC!   August is also the month that I have to say goodbye to my sister and [...]

Why Live in Korea? (vs. Japan, Taiwan) thumbnail

In the age of globalization, more and more people are considering travel and relocating to work in Asia. But how do you choose which country to live in? So many factors really do come into play. For instance, you may already work for a company that has decided to transfer you to one of these [...]

Top 5 Korean Web Dramas 2015 thumbnail

Web dramas have been around for awhile but within the last two years they've really found a place in the Korean Drama market where they are playing with the big networks.  It could be due to over 98% of young people having a smart phone with web streaming capabilities.   Perhaps it is because the [...]

Breast Implants in Korea thumbnail

Breast implants, or breast augmentation is a relatively commonish surgery in the world of plastic surgery. In North America for instance, breast implants became popular somewhere in the 80s with the rise of plastic surgery’s popularity. in the U.S. now, the word breast implant is a household term. In Korea, it’s not as common, particularly [...]

Top 5 Korean Summer Romantic Comedies 2015 thumbnail

I love romantic comedies! Romantic comedy slice of life stories are my favorite of all Asian drama genres and so there's nothing that I like more than to sit down to a good dramathon with a drama of this type.   Knowing this I thought some of you may be interested in them as well!  [...]

Top 10 Korean Drama Kisses 2015 thumbnail

If there's one part of any Kdrama that everyone looks forward to it's a kiss scene. Heck, I usually end up squealing when it finally happens and then inform Richard of whether or not it was a good one.   It's funny how it's become something we both comment on after years of doing Top 5's. That's [...]

More Idols in Korean Dramas? thumbnail

It’s difficult being an entertainer in Korea. Their contracts are known to be so long and extreme that in some cases they’re called slave contracts. Many idols are on crazy diets, they work long hours, and sometimes though not always it’s for little to no pay (charity concerts, etc.) While there are some people out [...]

High Society Korean Drama Kiss Scenes thumbnail

I recently started watching the new Korean Drama 'High Society' because I like UEE and I love Sung Joon. I'm about 4 episodes in now, and I absolutely love it!! Sung Joon and UEE have great chemistry, UEE's character is completely likable, you want to believe that Sung Joon's character isn't evil, and the second [...]

Top 5 New Korean Dramas July 2015 thumbnail

Summer is in full swing and many new exciting Korean dramas are coming out next month to keep things rolling!   It looks like there are going to be two big types of dramas that they're focusing on in July - the inspiring drama and the fantasy drama. With Seoul currently dealing with a lot [...]

KCON Summer Fashion 2015 Lookbook thumbnail

Hey Lovelies! I’ve long been meaning to make a video like this, because though I may rock short hair, I still love to dress up and look nice. Moving to a new country meant purging most of my wardrobe and I’m excited to put it back together piece by piece. This video is some of [...]

Who Are You School 2015 Kiss Scene thumbnail

Who Are You - School 2015 just finished airing! And it seems it was quite popular amongst some hard core Korean drama watchers.   This is exciting to me because Kim So Hyun is such a great actress, and this series has been known to propel talented young actors into mainstream adult roles. It's also [...]

Mixed Ethnicities in Korea thumbnail

When talking about mixed race in Korea, I think the most important thing to keep in mind is Koreans' view on race and nationality in general. To most people in South Korea, you're either Korean, or you're foreign. While there are different classes of foreigners in Korea, people generally aren't so concerned about mixed ethnicity. [...]

Top 5 Best Korean Dramas 2015 thumbnail

It’s hard to believe we are already in mid June of a new year, but must admit this is one of the easier Top 5 Fridays I have made in awhile. Gotta say, this list wouldn’t be NEARLY as good if it wasn’t for you guys.   Thanks to your recommendations, I checked out some [...]

Top 5 New 2016 Korean Dramas thumbnail

For the past several years I’ve done this thing where partway through the year I make a list of Korean dramas that I think they should make the next one. Reading as many plot summaries and watching as many dramas I find that coming up with my own prose is not only entertaining but it [...]