What can you get for $30 US in Korea? A super clean hotel room with a comfy bed, a kitchenette and a balcony overlooking the ocean!!!

You could say my father got the primo treatment while visiting Korea. Last week we were traveling around Korea with my father while he was here. We took him to Busan, the second largest city in Korea, where we chilled on the beach, drove up a mountain to enjoy some scenic views of the city, and ate some fresh crab legs.

Before the trip to Busan we had spent time exploring Seoul. I wore hanbok for the first time, and it was with my father. How cool is that?

And if all that wasn’t enough, we also spent time in Suwon discovering a palace that I had never been to, and had an awesome time hiking Hwasung fortress! Oh, and lucky me!!! While at the historical palace I found out that a whole bunch of Korean dramas had been filmed there.

This hotel room was so nice for the price that we had to record it. It was located outside Seokjo, Korea near Soraksan Mountain. It’s funny, because Richard just pulled into an area that looked like it had a bunch of hotels and we lucked out. I think if you don’t have a car in Korea it’s nearly impossible to find deals like this. Whenever reserving hotels online it always seems more expensive than when we just pull in somewhere and start asking prices. We understand not everyone has this luxury however, and this is just our experience. We’re a little bit more American with the car than others that may live here we realize. Then again, we would have never found this gem without a car so we were really fortunate.

And to top it all off, Lee Seung Gi was on the TV the entire time we made this video! ☺