My top 50? I was a little bit nervous to talk about this topic. I don’t necessarily like to talk about myself. And.. I think the funny thing for me personally was I could disclose 50 things and still not purge myself. I do that a lot more through my painting than I do my speaking.

So, the video is 50 things about me. Both past and present. Some things may be obvious, but I wish you didn’t know they were obvious. (#47)

The one thing I feel encouraged about: my impromptu rambling. I normally don’t talk so much, and unless it’s a planned out video, I sometimes get really nervous. This one I only had bullet points and rambled on so much that my lovely husband (editor!) had to chop up the video quite a bit. And, 50 is actually quite a lot of things.

This doesn’t have to be long. Not like the video. Enjoy! 😀

  • Karen Thompson

    Hi Stephen, I think I will try listing 50 things about me to! :)

    • hallyuback

      Go for it! It wasn’t easy for me at first but got easier as the list got longer!^^

  • Grace Montemayor Terrado

    Unnie I am currently living in Spain HIHIHI. Do you plan to go back in USA? Have you been in Philippines?

    • hallyuback

      I’ll be visiting family in the U.S. this summer! I haven’t visited the philippines yet. What part of Spain do you live in? ;D

      • Grace Montemayor Terrado

        I live in Ibiza where there are lots of tourists Well sometimes there are Korean also visiting. You can visit Philippines anytime you want because there are lots of places that will amaze you and your husband. Visit Spain again. Nos esperemos :)) Hwating !!

  • Kambria Sturgeon

    First I love the one about you love sushi but your gag reflex doesn’t…lol…but we all have crazy things about ourselves like that. I use to bite my nails for almost 30 years and then I started wearing Jamberry’s and that helped so much that I don’t even do it anymore and now I don’t have the desire to and it is truly a blessing. I worry and stress a lot because I guess I was built that way. No being happily married is great because I am…good for you guys! Wow…Newsong…good for you! My husband use to Swing Dance and I would love to learn it and do it with him one day. I also have a random variety of music on my phone. I like pretty something from every genre mostly…even opera…yes I know…LOL! I think we all HATE doing those chores and I agree they are never-ending. I hate all 3 of those with a passion. Wow…I read the same type of books you do…that is awesome and I love historical’s! My best friend loves to listen to music and paint…she is good at it but it also comes in spurts for her and is therapeutic. I’m deathly afraid of snakes and I don’t know why and I also have a problem with approaching people and trying to meet new people…sometimes…depends on the situation I guess. I never learned how to use chopsticks until I met my husband and he taught me how to use them and that was when I was 22 and now I <3 using them…LOL! My mom always runs late but her late is so late that she would probably miss her own funeral by 3 days. I am also disorganized and I HATE it but I also blame that on my husband since he was like that when I met him and now it rubbed off on me. Ugh! So I get frustrated so bad at myself for it. He could have just left it at teaching me how to use chopsticks. I feel ya on the dramas…I spend most of all my extra if not most of my time watching dramas and they are on all my devices too…LOL! I wear a size 9 in shoes and so I can only imagine how hard it would be for me to find shoes there. I have HUGE boobs and I HATE them…I mean I wear a 56K…if you want boobs…I will give you some of mine…I will give them away for free…you just pay for the surgery…LOL! I get intimidated easily also but once I tell myself to just do it or something then I realize I was fretting over it for nothing but it's a challenge. Thanks Steph for taking the time to do this video (especially with all your end of the school year work to do) and I think I might try and do a video myself! Love ya and HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY!!! If I had your addy I would send you something! :)

  • Raaisa

    But its good that you are obsessed with dramas…We get to watch so cool TOAD videos because of that…:D:D

  • kbosek

    Hey I am super jealous what do you do that let’s you travel, I am dying to go to Korea and Japan I even want to learn the language and be able to travel to one or even both. I looked up teaching but I wanted to ask your opinion.
    I also wanna go to all 50 states too.

  • ladysaotome

    Wow – Newsong? That’s really neat! My feet are size 10 womens so I don’t even want to know how hard it would be to find shoes. It’s hard enough sometimes just getting nice, non-ugly shoes here in the US! I’m with you on #37!! I have a 3TB external harddrive that’s starting to get on the full side and my husband is flabbergasted. lol Have you seen the Honey & Clover jdrama? I was planning to watch it just because of Ikuta Toma but maybe the anime is better?