I couldn’t talk about my love of Asian dramas without talking about Miyazaki sooner or later. So, the video about Miyazaki and his brilliant animations which I SO LOVE came sooner. This man’s animations are pretty much single-handedly got me into anime, which In turn got me more or less into live action dramas which I now watch and review regularly. So thanks Miyazaki!!!

While I haven’t see all of Miyazaki’s animes, here are five of my favorites.

5. Ponyo

Ponyo! It’s about a fishy in the sea. What isn’t to love about little, cute fish. This is a Japanese childhood masterpiece. It’s the type of movie I want to share with my nieces and nephews. It is a classic Miyazaki film written for children and put out by Disney, which to me is quite the epic combination.

4. Princess Mononoke

Princess Mononoke is definitely for older children and not so much the younger ones. This anime is about the struggle between big business, modernization, and the natural world. It’s something that I wish more people would take an interest in at a younger age and not just ignore that people and animals are dying in the process of making a profit. This is not my favorite Miyazaki anime in part because it is just so dark, but I really like the message that it is trying to portray. And, the spirit creatures are freaking cute!

3. My Neighbor Totoro

Totoro is the icon of Ghibli studios. For many people, he has become an icon for their childhood. Anytime I get on something like Pintrest or Tumblr, I always see lots of Totoros everywhere. Frankly, he is a big, awesome, furry creature! He’s a big, giant friendly monster creature that wants to play with you rather than scare you. He kind of reminds me of Sulley from Monsters Inc. except way cooler and geekier. I wish I would have found him years earlier in my life so I would have had a stuffed Totoro because now I feel like it would be too strange to get one. Too old for stuffed animals…… well maybe not.. 😉

2. Howls’ Moving Castle

If it were possible, I would totally love to see this one in a live action drama, but I don’t think they could actually do it. There are too many people and objects that shape and shift. And, an animated broom on camera wouldn’t play out too well. No one that I know wants to see a dancing broom play out with human characteristics, at least not me. Not to mention, all of the bombs and fighting that take place. If that were live action, I would be life OMG! IT would be something straight out of a Jim Hensen movie, and I’m not talking the muppets. But I would still so love to see this live action. *swoons*

1. Spirited Away

This one is like the Alice in Wonderland of Japan. While extremely put together, this may just be the ‘Pièce de résistance’ of Miyazaki. Parts of this anime are absolutely mortifying, such as the big giants blobs that she has to clean in the bat house. Or the whole parents have turned into pigs and they are never going to change back. That whole part of this movie seems life a terrible childish nightmare to me. But add the vibrant colors, creativity and imagination keep me hooked. It’s not an anime for everyone. People typically like it or hate it. But you’re going to a completely different world, and you don’t know if you’re going to get back.. even as a viewer. There’s something still so magical about getting caught up in dreamland.