Kissing is an activity like any other: the more you practice the better you become at it, right? That’s what I like to think anyways. ☺

When we first got this question, I thought how am I ever possibly going to answer this one. Because frankly: I’ve never kissed a Korean guy! And, most girls I know don’t kiss and tell. Especially Korean girls.

But then I started thinking about all the dramas I’ve seen, what the kisses are like in them, and what the appeal to that is. I mean, it made me think about when I first started watching Asian dramas and why I did. Part of that is just the strong emphasis that is placed on the building of the relationship and not so much the making out (kissing). For somebody who grew up in a society where sexuality is everywhere, I got jaded by it. I felt growing up that if I wasn’t also making out with guys and being sexy, that there was something wrong with me. American society to some extent is so saturated with sexual content that there’s no escaping it.

So for me, there was a huge draw in the relationship building in Asian dramas and the innocence of it all.

There’s a part of me that’s so excited by the prospect that a guy would be so excited just to kiss me. For most guys that I knew when I was younger, that excitement had faded away a long time ago. Maybe it’s not true for everyone, but I think for most girls there’s a little girl deep down who dreamed of fairytales and a kiss that starts off their ‘happy ever after’.

I may never know for sure if there’s some connection between how men in Korea kiss on screen and how they actually kiss in real life. Maybe some things are better left in dramaland. ☺

  • Dbyeol

    For me the sexiest kiss in a k-drama was the one (all of them, in fact) in “A Love to Kill” between Shin Min Ah and Bi. Gorgeous!

  • Caridad Ortiz

    Great topics. Richard. Congrat your translations it was good. I understand perfectly about audience that see the Korean drama but I agree with Richard the market is growing and we need better kisses but not to over do it because believe it or not that innocent part of the Korean drama is one key that make Korean drama magical. Lee Min Ho kiss in Heir was great, he needed that performance to grow out of boys over flowers. That kiss was great. Also the kiss in My love from another star Kim Soo Hyun in episode 20 it wasn’t that bad.

  • Karen Shortell

    Even though a lot of the kisses aren’t so great, I think we are captured by the story lines because most couples are really in love with each other by the time they do kiss.
    I love your videos. they are so much fun, and it is fun to watch the interaction between you and Richard (and Maki).

  • Valeria Gonzalez

    Thanks. Is was fun, sigan asi que van muy bien les deseo muchas bendiciones ^*^

  • Leti43

    Hi cuties! First: Richard very accurate translation from Spanish!! I watch Kdramas because are so naive, cute, sweet, they have us several episodes anxiously waiting to see a kiss. (Sorry for my english). Kises, kises from Argentina! Leti

  • ladysaotome

    I agree about the Park Shin Hye kiss. Lee Min Ho was making an effort but she looked disgusted or in pain! As for Coffee Prince, I’ve noticed Yoon Eun Hye dramas in general tend to have better kisses. The director’s may be behind some of the kissing, but I think sometimes it’s the actresses willingness to participate, too.

    I agree about part of the appeal in Asian dramas being the relationship building vs the physical aspect. And I think we appreciate the kisses and such a lot more because they aren’t as prevalent – it becomes part of the emotional build-up and payoff. (You From Another Star really illustrated that – each kiss was a gradual build-up in intensity, both physically and with the emotional stakes.) Kisses can sometimes be downright boring in Western dramas because they don’t mean nearly as much.