Recently we had the wonderful opportunity to visit Nami Island and the French Village here in Korea! Both Nami Island and the French Village are famous places in Korea where many Korean dramas were filmed. A Seoul-based tour company invited us along and so we gladly took them up on their offer. We left Seoul at about 8am, visited Nami Island first, had lunch, went to the French village, and then back to Seoul. It’s a complete day and a very well organized your. We both highly recommend it.

For more information on the tour company that we went with click here.

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  • Karen Shortell

    great video. i almost felt like I was really there. It was fun to recognize places that I have seen in dramas, and to see what they really look like.So often you just get to see a little chopped up part of the whole. I loved all the funny statuary on Nami, and the stairs in the French village.