What better way to combine the YouTube talent we’ve been hanging out with this week, and my love for Kdramas and Asian dramas than to make a video about it! And that’s exactly what we did!

We were commissioned by YouTube to make 2 videos for our channel with all the members of our group for the week in Seoul for the YouTube Music Awards. Given this challenge, we decided that our first video would be teaching the others (all of whome with the exception of Keith from Seoulistic) a bit of functional Korean language. Those guys had a lot of fun putting some spin on how to properly pronunciate the some of the words, which we all got a kick out of.

For our second video, I was trying to come up with a video idea that would blend their excitement and enthusiasm for making videos on YouTube with what we do best: Asian dramas. Once we finally did come up with reenacting some of the more popular scenes from Korean dramas it only seemed natural.

Scenes from the video:

Love Rain: Yellow Umbrella

Coffee Prince: Piggyback Ride

Boys Over Flowers: F4 Hanging Out

I Do I Do: Drinking Soju

Flower Boy Next Door: Stalking Furries

Heartstrings: Wrist Grab

Full House: Bear Scene

Secret Garden: Coffee Mustache Kiss

Reply 1994: Lost in Seoul

City Hunter: Shower Scene

We want to thank David Choi, Joe and Bart from Just Kidding Films, Callux, Russell from Indy Mogul, and Keith from Seoulistic. You guys helped make this video AWESOME! We had so much fun making it. You guys are the one-take wonders!!!

Thanks for watching and subscribing! We wouldn’t be here without your support. Love you guys!!!

  • Lyn Getrude

    hahahahaha that was good guys ,,love it

    • hallyuback

      Thank you, we try! ^^