I always get asked about what my favorite dramas are or for Kdrama recommendations from people – and one of my first questions is always – what genre are you looking for?

You see, there are THOUSANDS of Korean dramas out there and always more new ones coming out every month. And so, to choose my favorite drama is impossible – though I can definitely take it down to 5 (and by 5 I mean 10) dramas that I recommend for people who like a particular genre. To me these are quintessentially the most epic Kdramas and those that help set the standard for greatness.

This is not to say that I don’t like a few of these more than others – here’s looking at you Boys Over Flowers! – but I can’t ignore that it’s one of the most beloved dramas of all time, is actually fantastic, and helped propel the modern drama revolution of Hallyu.

Boys Over Flowers is in many ways what Big Bang is to Kpop – and while that may be slightly hard for me to swallow (I like the Jdrama version better), it’s still one of the best dramas to ever come out of Korea. — Totes recommends!

My Full List of Best Korean Dramas from the Video:
5. Coffee Prince or Boys Over Flowers – “커피프린스 / 꽃보다 남자”
4. Reply 1988 or Sungkyunkwan Scandal – “응답하라 1988 / 성균관 스캔들”
3. Healer or W – “힐러 / 더블유”
2. Master’s Sun or You Who Came From the Stars – “주군의 태양 / 별에서 온 그대”
1. Kill Me, Heal Me or It’s Okay that’s Love – “킬미, 힐미 / 괜찮아, 사랑이야”

  • Laura TMO Bond

    I was surprised Goblin wasn’t on your list.

    • Alysse

      Yes, I agree. Though I was also surprised that Descendant of the sun was not listed, the absence of Goblin totally took me by surprise. I was so sure it was going to be first.

  • Anniej2010

    Loved all the drama’s listed however I disagree that BOF brought about the popularity of Kdrama as we know it today. Actually BOF was produced almost 10 years after the onset of the media dubbed “Hallyu” or Korean Wave and though I do believe that there were several other contributing factors such as the lift of the travel ban in the 90’s, I think the credit is more accurately credited to drama’s such as Winter Sonata or Autumn in My Heart which were several years before BOF. My opinion anyway. Kdrama became wildly popular across all of southeast Asia with Winter Sonata which was 5 years earlier than BOF. I can think of several that had success across SE Asia leading up to BOF. BOF was definitely a classic and was wildly popular, no doubt. I just think there were others before it that should have the credit for the shaping of Kdrama as we know it today.