This year is the first Mother’s Day I’ve spent the U.S. since 2008. I realized this just as I sat down to write this. THAT IS SO CRAZY!!!!

Richard’s father (Papa Luke!) had an idea for me to paint something for his wife this Mother’s Day. Initially he had no idea what he wanted but we put our heads together and decided having me paint a scene from one of their recent vacations. They looked through some photos of a National Park they visited in Alaska, and I created my own version of it on canvas.

It was special today getting to see her reaction for the first time as she unwrapped it. I don’t get to experience that perspective very often. I’m just so pleased she likes it so much!

We also shared some snacks with our family that we received from The Netherlands! Thank you very much Simply Suzy for sending those to Richard’s mostly Dutch family haha!

How did you enjoy your Mother’s Day? Anything extra special happen? :)

Yesterday’s Video – I Got PhotoBombed!!!!