I admit I’m a sucker for pretty scenery. So, one of the reasons I checked out this drama was for of the CGI and artistic effects. And, overall this drama really did bring that to the table.


The scenes of the fallen castle, the wagon chase, the cherry blossoms, etc. all really showed off a beauty that you don’t often see in dramas (unless you’re like me and like epic dramas like Game of Thrones also). In that sense I’m totally satisfied with the artistic beauty of this drama. What gets me is that the whole thing is completely unbelievable and the story often veers into cheesy melodrama cliché that you love and love to hate and frankly that I’ve been talking about too much as of late. Bring on a fresh concept Korea juseyo! Maybe I’ll never get my new and fresh drama story, but they’ve been known to really nail it from time to time (Reply 1997 for example). Perhaps I’ve judged this one too soon, but the modern bits kinda throw me off and put me off finishing this one anytime in the near future. What do you think, is it worth finishing up?

So yeah, blog entry for this drama and I’m totally blank on what more to say. This summer has been so full of awesome craziness that sometimes I feel Hallyuback has ended up taking the spot of pot on the backburner. I’m amazed that we’ve managed to continually bring you guys 3 shows a week, and that despite our hectic on the go lifestyle of these past few weeks that our channel has continued to build and hit several pretty awesome milestones. All of that aside, this vacation has been really awesome and I would never trade the experiences or time with my family and friends for anything (even YouTube success). It’s a bit sad now that it’s more than half over, but now I’m starting to feel the winds changing (as they say in the Johnny Depp movie Chocolat) and I’m feeling the stirrings of getting really excited about this fall in Korea. I’m not sure if it’s the new semester of classes, missing Korean food, Korean friends and the international community there or just that I’ll have all the time I want to sit and watch all of the great dramas coming out this fall – and there is a lot.

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  • Grace Montemayor Terrado

    Unnie how long is your vacation in USA?? And can you give me a site where I can watch kdramas. Because the site that I’m watching before has shutdown :( Thank you for your help :)) Have fun Uniie.

    • hallyuback

      Hey Grace! ^^ Yuppers, I’m back in Korea, studying, still making videos and OF COURSE watching dramas. How was your summer? Are you still in Spain at the moment? 😉