I was actually really nervous about reviewing this drama.  It tends to be one that you either love or you hate – and there is very little middle ground.  I wouldn’t say that I hate it, in fact I have some very solid memories that arise when I think of this drama.

When I first came to Korea this was THE drama to see.  Lee Min Ho was being used to advertise white day chocolates and between seeing his face everywhere and actually having the porridge chain store in the same building as my workplace – I encountered it every day.  It was THAT popular.  My students were fans, my coworkers and friends were all watching it in their free time and it often became the topic of discussion at work gatherings when we would go out to eat or have a drink after a particularly rough day at the office.  “Did you check out my new haptic pop phone that Goo Jun Pyo had?” or “I got F4 socks for 2,000 won from the sock truck, wanna see?!?!”

For me, it all became almost too much.  I was already a fan of Korean dramas, and I admittedly watched BOF myself.  However, hearing people say that BOF is the best and compared to it, all other Korean dramas fall short or seem to be a remake of the same story – ARGH!!!

Korean Dramas are just too large a genre to be summed up in one drama.

It is however, the first drama that I saw where they really tried to make it over the top.  The fashion, the sets, everything about this drama screamed Korea is trying to prove themselves the best in the drama world.  They did make a more marketable and universally appealing version of the Hana Yori Dango manga story.  However, maybe because they tried so hard – it just isn’t my favorite.  I think if I had nothing to compare it to then I would like it more.  But then again, maybe I just have a problem fantasizing about a man with a curly perm that dresses in flamboyant pink attire.  Lee Min Ho, whoever was your stylist for that drama, I’m glad you haven’t revisited them. Now I have to go back and watch all the other dramas that you’ve done because you scared me off for 4 years 😛  As Goo Jun Pyo your look was as sweet as cotton candy – but the mix just didn’t do it for me.. especially when you didn’t have any chemistry with your female lead – but that’s another story altogether.

What do you think?  What was your opinion of Lee Min Ho and his Boys Over Flowers?