For anyone who is familiar with Korea, you probably have heard of the comic ‘My Korean Husband’. While I myself have never been with a Korean guy, I can still understand and find humor in her comics because of my Korean guy friends. The comics they make are about the cultural differences and quirks that arise when you’re married to a Korean person. I also like that they show Korea is a positive light, and are some of them can be quite entertaining. If you have not seen or read them before I highly recommend them!

Earlier this week we had the opportunity to meet, do a LIVE CHAT (which was super fun!), and make some videos afterwards with Nichola and Hugh. It was a lot of fun and that was a real treat! Hugh had us cracking up trying to eat a spicy pepper.

We made a video for our channel and we also shot a video for their channel too. Since Nic likes Korean dramas too, I decided to play a game of Charades with her. Richard put a bunch of Korean drama titles in a bowl, neither of us saw them before hand, we chose dramas randomly out of the bowl and then had 30 seconds to convey the drama to the other person. It turned out quite funny! Still not quite sure who won but we both had a blast in the process and that’s what counts, right?

Be sure to give Nichola and Hugh from the My Korean Husband blog some love and subscribe to their channel. Also subscribe to our channel as well! Why not, it’s free right?! ☺

Thanks for being awesome everyone! Richard and I appreciate your support!


  • Leti43

    Jajajaja, soooo funny! Steph, you’re a great actress! I wish I could play it too, but I don’t have anyone who knows korean dramas!! Kisses from Argentina!!!