Descendants of the Sun is a new Kdrama that will be coming out later this year, most likely in fall. While that’s a long time to wait, I’m already getting excited about it because of the leading actors and the unusual plot line.

If you follow my videos or Korean dramas and music, you probably already know that one of the biggest problems is the mandatory military service. Extremely promising and talented young actors drop off the scene for 2 years and after that have to make a comeback. Well that’s the story of Song Joong Ki. If you were a fan of Korean dramas prior to 2013, you’d know him as an exceptionally talented baby faced actor who blew us all away with his last role in Innocent Man.

He’s starring as a captain of UN peacekeeping troops entangled in romance with Song Hye Kyo who’s playing a doctor. She herself is extremely talented and would be a bigger name in Kdramas if she did more of them – though she is talented enough that she doesn’t have to. The peacekeeping love in the midst of conflicted battlefields is also one I’ve not seen outside of the North/South Korean stage. So I’m impressed with the synopsis and super excited to see this kdrama!

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  • irilight

    I like the story idea. I do not like this pairing.

  • peacemind

    Following your show, hallyuback, your taste mostly, NOT wrong!