Ex Girlfriend’s Club is a TvN weekend drama airing on Friday and Saturday evenings. At the time I made this reaction there have been 5 episodes released and I’ve watched every one of them. Having just somewhat recently finished Angry Mom, I was certainly feeling a romantic comedy – and of all people, Richard my husband the non-drama watcher suggested that I give it a go after reading comments from you guys saying that it was funny.

Honestly it is a very entertaining drama with a quirky plotline. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t some unsettling things – such as making Jang Ji Eun’s character (cat lady) seem like an older lady.. when in reality she’s my age. Or that Lee Yoon Ji has to pull the weirdest faces as the lion. Admittedly, all of the female actors are nailing their roles.

Really though, it’s the guys in this drama that I’m totally digging. Cho Jung Chi’s house-man best brother in law in the world role is endearing. Do Sang Woo’s director has you hating him and liking him and trying to figure out just how you feel about his role in the drama. And Byun Yo Han.. where have you been all of this time? I know that you’ve been making movies since 2013, but with only 2 korean dramas under your belt and at the age that most kdrama actors go into the military I can’t help but be nervous! Keep it up oppa!!! Seriously though, his role is so cute – in an endearing way.

Lastly, Song Ji Ho. Amazing as always.

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  • mary

    I watched the first 6 episodes of “Ex Girlfriend’s club” and I was glued to the screen. Funny, relaxing, good chemistry, I enjoyed every minute of it :)