Gu Family Book was one the dramas that I was anticipating the most this spring, and I know it wasn’t just me. There’s always a lot of saeguk’s coming out of Korea – and frankly, I didn’t watch them for a long time. What has always fascinated me about Korea is modern Korea – the buildings, the shopping, the relationships. Before I moved here I watched modern dramas to see what I was getting myself into and since I’ve moved here modern dramas are somewhat relatable. Though I will say that a Korean drama is as relatable as any (non-reality) television show. But this year, the Korean historical drama’s been growing on me. I think it had something to do with a cross between Lee Min Ho with a sword and Shin Min Ah looking amazing in hanbok.

The second part of Gu Family that I’m really digging is the Supernatural aspect. I remember when I was younger being obsessed with X-men and fairytale stories. It was and still is quite the combination – as I’ve happily never quite grown out of the stage. It has however, gotten a bit more Grimm as I’ve gotten older. (Yay bad pun!) I was really excited when I saw that Gu Family Book was going to have Bae Suzy play a rough combatant character. Mind you, I do like Suzy. I think her singing is great, and girl’s obviously got it going for her if she’s making 10 million in perks just for being the attractive nation’s first love with the squeaky clean image. I like that this drama seems a bit out of character for her. It’s a bit stronger of an image – and if she can’t get her image dirty at least she’s getting her hands dirty and taking on a challenge.

She’s not alone though, and whoever casted this one was smart to pick Lee Seung Gi. He’s got a great smile and energy that the camera captures oh so well. He really won me over with King 2 Hearts and while he can convincingly play opposite an older actress I’m glad in this one that he’s paired with someone younger to really draw in the younger crowd. The only qualm I’ve got with him in this role is that his “beast” really isn’t that scary. Instead it’s awfully unattractive and I totally laughed the first time I saw him roar.

Unfortunately you won’t see either of these two smexy specimens in the first episode of Gu Family Book, but that’s ok. Sometimes you just gotta have a little backstory to get things rolling and OMG Choi Jin Hyuk makes one smexy mountain gumiho spirit!!!!!

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  • Sophie Galamez

    haha how would she go to the bathroom tied to a tree ;D

    • hallyuback

      Oh the horror! All I could think of is Jamie Lannister in Game of Thrones saying that he smelled and was covered in (poop) >.< Ewwies!!

  • lovedramas30

    nice review again Steph! (-:

    • hallyuback

      Thank you!!^^

  • Kambria Sturgeon

    You won’t believe this but I have held back from watching this one. I do plan on watching it because I am a BIG Lee Seung Gi fan (and boy does he have a smile…sigh…plus I love to hear him sing…bigger sigh) but I have never watched Suzy in anything and so that kind of had me on the fence. Plus I have high expectations for Lee Seung Gi after King 2 Hearts. So I didn’t want to be disappointed. Now after watching your review I think I will finally start watching it. One day I would be like “I’m going to start watching it and that’s final” and then the next minute I’m like “Nah I better wait”. I’m crazy like that. But I’m just going to have to break down and watch it and possibly surprise myself. I really want to watch him in a drama again and I was really excited when I heard about it but I really don’t know why I’ve held back this long. I’m just nuts I guess…LOL! Thanks for another awesome review! I can’t wait until Friday!

    • hallyuback

      I would say I don’t believe it but I’ve held back from time to time myself (until the whole thing is out and subbed at least) If you’re going to jump in there’s enough episodes out now that IF YOU CAN hold off (not watch them all at once) and take your time you’ll never be waiting on the edge of your seat for the next one to come out! I’m always kicking myself for doing that.. >.<
      OMG Lee Seung Gi in King 2 Hearts!!! I'd say more but I'm saving it.. <3

      • Kambria Sturgeon

        Ok. You save it and I can’t wait to watch it…LOL! I will try to take my time with Gu but I can’t make any promises especially if there is a cliffhanger. Thanks Steph! :)

  • Janine Brunner

    I love this Drama :) I´m so addicted I watch the Ep raw as soon as they are out (even if I don´t understand alot XD) .. I love all about it <3

    • hallyuback

      Oh gosh, I can’t bring myself to do that because I know I would miss something I considered epic and crucial! Wow! O.O

  • Grace Montemayor Terrado

    You never disappoint me Steph. As always you are awesome!! hahahaha. GU FAMILY BOOK ROCKS !!

    • hallyuback


  • Saaaarah ;)

    Omg i just love this Drama 😀 !!!! Thanks for reviewing Steph !

    • hallyuback

      You’re welcome! ^^

  • Heidi Lyon

    I love this drama, and the time/energy/money they’ve put into the effects! Seriously, I want those contacts!

    • hallyuback

      Who doesn’t?!?! They’re pretty sweet..

  • ladysaotome

    So what did you think of the ending? I’m still getting over the shock but I loved the drama regardless. :) A lot of people at Soompi are hoping for a sequel. Here’s an idea for Top 5 videos – Top 5 best endings and Top 5 worst!