I was VERY MUCH able to approach this topic from personal experience. Although I am by no means very large on top, I do have a bit of a butt for a slightly more slender woman. I’m well aware of the types of things that could happen living in Korea, and the pitfalls associated with this type of body size.

First off: the shopping. Shopping here is amazing! It’s usually centrally located everywhere you go, and it’s not hard to find shopping vistually everywhere. There are high end name brand stores of every make and type of clothing, acccessory, etc. that you could possily want. Shopping here is definitely an experience! That being said, take it from me that most pairs of pants (jeans especially) will not fit you if you’re not asian, or don’t have an asian-type frame. If you plan to come to Korea to visit or live, my strong recommendation is to bring whatever pairs of pants you expect to need while here. Tops are usually no problem for me, and I’ve even made videos of shopping hauls done here.

The other main thing to touch on in this blog is what is it like to be a girl with a butt in a land where women mostly don’t have them. That’s a doozy for sure. We touch on this more in the video, but let me just say this: cover is up when possible. I understand this is not ALWAYS possible, but as a youngerish girl, I’ve found to avoid hassle when it’s covered. You’ll see many young women doing that here, especially when going up stairs or escalators.

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