Anyone interested in finding out how much fruits and vegetables cost at a local market in Korea? Well you’re in luck!

The other day after looking into my refrigerator and seeing it was empty, we decided to go to the local market and bring the camera along. A little back story on this place. We’ve been shopping at that market for over 5 years now. Originally Richard told me it used to be owned by someone different, and there wasn’t a very good selection of anything. Around 2009 or so, it closed down and was completely renovated. When it reopened it became the nicest market in our area! We’ve been shopping there ever since.

I find that in marketplaces like this, the people are super friendly. There tends to be on or several in just about every neighborhood. While the selection is not as good as Emart or Homeplus, for everyday items like vegetables, fruits, milk, ramen, etc. Prices are usually pretty good. Sometimes they are even cheaper than the bigger chain stores. And I like it because I believe it’s a little bit more local i.e. You’re helping mom and pop and not the corporation.

When Rick’s mom came here in 2009, it was one of her favorite things about where we lived in Korea, that you could walk to get most everything you needed like fruits and veggies. I think she went there almost every morning.

I have t note that the apples in this video were far more expensive than they typically are, though fruit is sometimes high priced in Korea. It is relatively close to Chuseok, the national holiday in Korea equivalent to Thanksgiving in the U.S. so that may be the reason. Still, a box of apples for 35 bucks is on the high side, and I would never personally pay that much. I don’t know who would, but somebody does apparently.

So anyways, with this video we just wandered around and stocked up on some stuff. As prices tend to be seasonal, some things tend to be cheaper, and other items more expensive. Tomatoes and nectarines for example were far cheaper than they typically are, especially the nectarines, so we got some. Other things like mushrooms and potatoes however were more expensive but I suspect they will be cheaper later on the in the year. Prices fluctuate here on seasonal items quite a bit.

Hope you enjoy this video. We’ve had plenty of questions about if we have a local market after our Emart video, and requests to go to it and vlog if we did. We weren’t able to do it over the summer, so this video was long overdue. If you have other places you’d like us to vlog, drop a note in the comments!

Have a great weekend everyone! ☺

  • Deidre Crummitt

    Vlog all the things! I really like seeing the normal, day to day stuff.

    • hallyuback

      And we’re hopefully gonna keep it coming now that we’re back here too! :)

  • irilight

    I love Almond milk, and I make my own. If you are interested, just soak almonds overnight with water, rinse well, and blend with fresh water. Then put through a sieve or almond milk bag.

    • hallyuback

      This video is great! Thanks so much for the idea, I think I might try this! ^^

  • Caleb Burke

    is it cheaper to shop at a local “Farmers Market” or one of the larger chain super markets there?