Blind dating is definitely a thing in Korea!

We’ve heard of several variations of going on a date, and blind dating seems to be more or less just as popular.

One of the main dating methods traditionally in Korea was the parental setup. It’s true, we’ve both heard plenty of times from friends and others how people get introduced on a first date by their parents and possible other friends. This sort of dating happens still happens but we’re getting the feeling that things are starting to change. The younger someone is, the more likely they may want to try things out on their own. Whether that means true blind dating or not is another question, but they are definitely searching more and more and for love and relationships on their own.

During the actual filming I couldn’t think of a drama to represent this, but on second thought there are a lot of great ones feature this storyline. Mary Stayed Out All Night and Goong are two popular dramas that have blind dating.

In Mary Stayed Out All Night, Moon Geun Young was a poor girl who’s father is pushing a blind dating leading to marriage with Kim Jae Wook’s character. He would give her a comfortable life because his father’s a rich CEO of an entertainment company. Then she literally crashed into and decides to run off with and get married to Jang Geun Suk. Because seriously, who wouldn’t start a fake marriage with Jang Geun Suk in the first place?

Another one is Goong where the Cinderella story Yoon Eun Hye is chosen to be the drowned princess of Korea because their grandparents were matchmaking buddies. Boy, neither of these situations sound all that bad. ☺

I have heard that blind dating agencies are pretty big in Korea. Do either of us know anyone who’s gone to a blind dating agency? No. But then again, would anyone actually admit to using one? People don’t usually use blind dating agencies until they get into their 30s and if their feeling pressure from their parents to get married. It could be a way to shut mom and dad up for a little bit, and if it all works out and they find somebody, what’s so bad about that?

Sogaeting seems to be one of the most common ways that people meet boyfriends and girlfriends in Korea. Sogaeting is being introduced to someone by a friend. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that why this may not be technically true: the point is not always to go on a date so much as it is basically dating with a third wheel, the third wheel being the person doing the introducing. Sometimes it works out and the 3rd wheel magically disappears.

Richard mentioned in the video how more and more now technology is intertwined with real life. This most certainly has been a boon for dating and blind dating. So many new apps have appeared to assist whoever may be interested in trying them out and/or using them. Since everyone is plugged in, we imagine it becomes slightly more difficult for someone looking to date to resist the temptation to giving them a shot.

The main app they use in Korea to communicate is Kakao. Everyone uses it. It’s the new text messaging in Korea. It’s works the same as text messaging, but on an app for free.

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