I didn’t know Hyun Bin and I haven’t actually seen much of his work prior to researching this video. I didn’t watch Kim Sam Soon because it came out before I got really interested in Korean dramas and I didn’t like the title. I started watching Worlds Within, and I admit he was cute in it, but I never finished watching it because it was a bit slow-paced, and it wasn’t a topic I found myself deeply interested in.

The drama that he starred in that I really wanted to see came out in a time period when I didn’t have a computer and I was living in Korea. I could have watched it on Television, but there were no subtitles. I thought it would have been a little bit presumptuous of me to take over my then boyfriend’s computer to watch a drama. That just wasn’t happening. I’ve heard it’s amazing, and that he is the shizzle. Truth be told, I have a downloaded and ready to go. Now I just need to find the time to watch something that’s from 2009 with as many good new dramas that are coming out. However, I felt that I needed to start my education of all things Hyun Bin, and where better to start than with his kisses? If that doesn’t seal the deal and make you want to watch him, then I don’t know what does. And.. this guy is pretty good at it!

He’s a really attractive Korean actor who become extremely popular in 2005 for the drama ‘My name is Kim Sam Soon.’ Since that time he has become really popular in the drama world although he hasn’t doe anything recently. He hasn’t made a drama since 2010, so for those that are new to dramas they may not know him.

In 2011, part of the reason why he has been out of the scene, is because he started his military service. He entered the Marines, which is considered the toughest branch of the military. He was considered an exemplary soldier and this has only increased the love his fans have for him.

So for all of you that have been chanting ‘What about Hyun Bin? What about Hyun Bin?’, you’ve opened my eyes. This swoon-worthy Korean smexy man is worthy of my swooning as well, and now I’m sold.

I’ll get around to that Secret Garden marathon sooner or later, if I ever finish my midterms.

Kiss: Slap Kiss
Drama: Snow Queen
Actress: Song Yu Ri (송유리)

Kiss: Formal Dress Kiss
Drama: Secret Garden
Actress: Ha Ji Won (하지원)

Kiss: Watermelon Short Kiss
Drama: My Name is Kim Sam Soon
Actress: Kim Sun Ah (김선아)

Kiss: Umbrella Kiss in the Rain
Drama: A Millionaire’s First Love (movie)
Actress: Lee Yeon Hee (이연희)

Kiss: Foam Kiss
Drama: Secret Garden
Actress: Ha Ji Won (하지원)

Kiss: Gritty Kiss
Drama: Late Autumn (movie)
Actress: Tang Wei (汤唯)

Kiss: Playful Staircase Kiss
Drama: Worlds Within
Actress: Song Hye Gyo (송혜교)


  • lovedramas30

    secret garden foam kiss! 😀

  • Kambria Sturgeon

    Secret Garden Foam Kiss! And you said you haven’t watched “Secret Garden”…girl you are missing out! A lot of the comments you made about why this and that with the “Secret Garden” kisses can be answered by just watching it. Like the clothes in the foam kiss scene have actual reasons in a way. It’s kind of funny why he wears those jumpsuits. You have to watch it because it has a little bit of everything in it. It took me awhile to decide to watch it and then I was bored and said why not and once I did it became one of my TOP favorite dramas! Now I’ve watched it more than once already. It is the best one to me with Hyun Bin in it and plus Ha Ji Won is a great actress to and she seems to bring out the emotions in her lead men. Just love it!

  • Arthea Emory

    Mos def the Secret Garden foam kiss…Girls Drink Cappuccino on purpose so they get foam on their lips to tease guys…LOVE THAT KISS!!! made my tummy flip!