As soon as I saw Hyun Bin was getting released from the military, I got excited! That was in December of 2012.. almost 2 years ago! While I know he hasn’t been lazy during that time, with advertisements and the Fatal Encounter Movie, I’ve really missed seeing him on my small computer screen. Truth be told, if you want to go way back with my yellow umbrella drama craze it all started with “Millionaire’s First Love” in 2006. To put it simply you guys, he’s one actor who’s been behind some of the most amazing Korean dramas and movies to date.. he’s just been out of the game and the spotlight for the last 4 years!

I wouldn’t have put him on my best actor list if I didn’t think he was great and this new drama Jekyll, Hyde and I is going to be no exception. I really love the story of Jekyll and Hyde.. it’s one of my favorite books, musicals, and I think deep down we all have a different side to us all that we generally keep in check until certain circumstances pull it out of us. I know that Hyun Bin is going to be a great Jekyll and Hyde and it will really show off his smexiness and acting skills to a whole new crop of Korean drama watchers. Here’s to January!!!

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  • imawoman

    This purple/black track suit (among others) HB wears in Secret Garden is a running joke in the drama, so that’s why it seems odd to see him wearing them if you haven’t seen the drama. If you like Hyun Bin, you really have to take the time to watch this kdrama. Cute, funny, romantic, etc. Those dimples…!

  • Jill

    I’m waaaay too old for this kind of fangirly reaction, but….SQEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! I’ve been watching & waiting (oh so patiently) for this! I’ve seen The King’s Wrath – and it’s good…don’t get me wrong, it is really good, but I just adore him in romantic comedies. He’s also on top of my list of actors that I HAVE to watch. I’ve never seen him in anything in which I didn’t believe the character he was portraying. That is a great actor in my book.