Itazura na Kiss or It Started With a Kiss has always been one of my favorite stories to come out in the live action drama world. Back when I was first starting to watch dramas and basing my choices off of Mangas I watched both the original Japanese version and then the Taiwanese version with Joe Cheng and Ariel Lin. Needless to say, the original Japanese version was extremely low budget and just a bad representation, but the Taiwanese version had such great chemistry that I watched both it and the sequal They Kiss Again over and over again.

When I heard there was a new Japanese version out, I was a bit wary. Both the original Japanese version and the Korean version had pretty lousy chemistry between the actors and I was scared for another bad rendition of the drama. I was shocked that I missed hearing about it actually coming out because I like to stay on top of all things drama related – especially since I started reviewing dramas.

I’m really happy to say that having actually gotten around to seeing the first episode that I think this one’s a keeper. The story is true to the original manga and the leads for this are both really talented and they’re also really good looking. I was surprised to find out the age gap between the two – 25 vs. 16! It’s a bit shocking that they have such a young girl kissing an older man, but that aside they’ve got great chemistry. Probably my favorite part of this first episode is the cinematography. I love Japan, and this drama really shows off how beautiful Japan is, featuring some of the coolest tourist attractions in Japan. There’s people who say you can’t really get a feel for a drama with one episode and maybe they’ve got a point, but after episode 1 of Itazura na Kiss I’m wanting more LOVE IN TOKYO!!!

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  • lovedramas30

    i’ve been waiting to see your review of this, thanks so much Steph!!! 😀

  • Arthea Emory

    ONLY because I haven’t seen the T or J version I voted for the K version.

    *Loving how her house was hit by a meteor, but the roof…still intact!

  • Kambria Sturgeon

    Girl I’ve been watching this drama since it started! I love it! Don’t get me wrong I have watched all the versions also but I am really enjoying this male lead version more than the others right now because he is really coming off with a bit more emotions then the others. It was a nice change. I even watched the anime version. This is just one of my favorite stories. So we are in the same boat with that. Playful Kiss was my least favorite except for the first Japanese version I wasn’t into at all. But I’ve even loved the kiss scenes in it so far. I can’t wait until the famous rain kiss. I figure in this one they will get as far as the wedding and it will stop there. But it would be great if they came out with another season to finish it off. Love this story period!!!

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  • Marta Janowicz

    Itazura na Kiss is one of my favorites mangas of this type (romance!!!!) and I also loved the anime version… However, up untill now I really hated all the drama adaptations… Korean, sadly, was the worst… Or maybe not, the first Japanese version – it was even worse. Nevertheless, I totally dislike the Korean one as the story was changed so much… And also, the leading actress was… not a best match for Ktoko AT ALL! and Kim Hyun Joong? Not suitable either, sorry…
    Taiwanese version… I noticed that you liked it but… I am not a fan, sorry! I cannot give you a specific reason… it is just an overall impression of this drama that left me with a confusion… It was neither bad, neither good, I would say…
    And Love in Tokyo? Ow, it rocked! Although, the plot is changed a few times (I missed the vacation and the whole forest part so muuuuch!) this one is still the best! It is quite accurate with the manga and there is one advantage that you cannot deny: the actors. In my humble opinion, Honoka Miki and Furakawa Yuki were the closest to portray the actual character of the protagonists. Especially, Furakawa Yuki as he included in his acting the change that Naoki undergoes in the original, unlike Kim Hyun Joong… Not only the leads were great, Ken-chan, Jinko and Satomi were also very well matched and added even more “to watch” reasons :)
    For all these reasons I was hoping for the season 2 as I really wanted to witness a great adaptation of the after-wedding life of these two… (Korean and Taiwanese were not satisfactory at all!). And here it is, the second season was just confirmed recently!
    I am so happy!