Korean Air’s CEO and daughter have recently apologized for an incident on a recent flight from NY to Seoul because a flight attendant served macadamia nuts in a big instead of on a plate in first class. This has caused outrage amongst Koreans because this sort of behavior seems to be a reoccuring trend in Korean spoiled rich kids. We weight in on this and give our thoughts as Americans who live in Korea.

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  • Annette Radcliff

    No I won’t be flying with Korean Air because my macadamia nuts won’t be on a plate. What is this world coming to where common decency is just thrown out the window or out the wing so to speak? ( insert sarcasm here) haha, just joking! Come on of course I will fly with them. I will be very suspicious of flying with Malaysian Air cause of their track record of late with keeping their passengers but I mean seriously all for the nuts, lady their are more problems in this world to raise a ruckus over. SMH!

  • Divine MsDee

    These chaebol inbreds treat people with less or no money like serfs,slaves or animals,she made the man kneel and hit him.Korea has a serious social issue!