I had the honor of hanging out with one of the coolest Kpop vloggers yesterday: Mr. Popo for MrPopoTV fame on YouTube!

When I heard he was coming I had Richard contact him to see if we could possibly meet up. He said yes of course, and we scheduled a special 2 hour LIVE CHAT together in order to really take some time to get to know each other and talk Kdramas and Kpop, and Korea. Unfortunately, his flight out of Detroit got delayed and missed our scheduled LIVE CHAT event. Once he arrived here though we rescheduled! YAY!!

He’s visiting Korea for a few days only and made time to hang out with Richard and I! Woot woot!! I was psyched when I found out we had some collaborating time scheduled for yesterday, considering he is leaving Korea tomorrow. It’s always nice to meet fellow YouTubers in Korea since there still aren’t that many of us here.

Anyhoo, we decided to do a Korean Snack Food Challenge as the collab video we did together. This was for a couple of reasons. 1) He doesn’t know that much about the food here still since he’s only been here a couple days and 2) we both thought it would be a nice idea to introduce some of the Korean snack foods to you guyz while doing the challenge.

We had such a fun time hanging out and filming this. He is genuinely a nice guy and since my home town is only several hours away from New York City where he currently resides, if I decide to go home and visit my family this summer I may just roll thru NYC and have a little reunion with him. I don’t know, what do you guys think? ☺

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