Are Korean Supermarkets similar to those in other countries? In some ways, Korean supermarkets more and more look like a Super Walmart: they sell not only consumable goods but there are multiple non-food sections where you can buy almost anything China makes. Here in Korea it is becoming quite similar. There is a wide selection of everything, and usually there’s another floor selling whatever isn’t on the first floor. You can do pretty much all your shopping there if you like. Running in to grab lunch on the go isn’t common, but there are a wide variety of food items if you are in fact doing this. I tried to film as much as posible while in there but not even sure I caught all of it. Hope you enjoy this snippet of video inside this Korean supermarket!

Yesterday’s Video – Eating Spicy Squid on Korean TV

  • Arthea Emory

    I’m going to be embarrassingly honest…the chicken section at Emart…made me Fat Black Girl Happy!!!

    Maki cracks me up, “Mom, Dad…time for bed…come on!”

    SECRET DOOR IS SOOOOOO GOOD!!! Glad to hear you are getting at least a day of rest from school work. FIGHTING!!!

    You keep posting…I’ll keep watching!!

  • Dark-HunterJenn

    Yum! That lunch area looked so great. You have a lot of will power, I would have been “grabby hands” at all of it!
    I have to be honest though, the cat made me sad…I am a huge animal lover and it hurts my heart to see one hurt with no one to love it. :(
    Anyway, you guys keep being awesome!

  • Christi Barron

    How was the bun less burger?