For Christmas this past year, two of my best Korean friends bought us a special gift: two packages of Korea’s spiciest Ramyun! It’s Buldak Bokkeum Myun (불낙 볶음‬면) or Buldak Bokkeum ramen.

Seung Hee and Gi Yeon are the two culprits. You may recognize them from other videos we’ve done together before, including when Seung Hee brought her makeup over to our house, showed me some of the products she uses, and did me all up with Korean makeup to look like a Korean girl!

Both of these ladies, who I met at the college where I used to teach friends, knew clear and well that we’ve both never tried these noodles before.

I abstained from eating the noodles (so did Richard btw!) because I actually have a lot of stomach problems. About a year ago I actually ended up going to the hospital because so much spicy food was essentially eating the inside lining of my stomach. I’m okay now (please don’t worry) but I try not to eat too much spicy food on the regular anymore.

Knowing this was the spiciest of ALL RAMENS….. well.. I love you guys, but not enough to make myself sick the week of finals. I have to know where to draw the line for my own health and well being.

But Richard on the other hand, he was GAME!

Of course, the result of the challenge that went down no one could have predicted. Both the girls ate the noodles faster than Richard, and BOTH of them in under 2 minutes! HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE? I was floored when they both finished their bowls so fast. Impressive to say the least.

Oh, and what did you guys think of Richard’s makeover? Let me know below and let’s have a laugh together about Richard’s new found beauty. I swear he won’t mind at all. LOL

You guyz! We also made a short behind the scenes video to show you how to properly make these Korean spicy noodles. Enjoy! ☺

  • Arthea Emory

    Steph…you are drinking for moral support!!!! THAT’S MY STORY AND STICKING TO IT!!! Richard…you look lovely! (My aunt LOVES this flavor)

    • Arthea Emory

      OMG…I usually respond while watching the outtakes/bts/bloopers…only a face a mother could love…you guys floor me every week!

      • hallyuback

        I set him up for that one LOL And can I just say I love all your comments….. but you probably already knew that!

  • lbrinsmead

    귀엽다 (Seung)