It was recently reported in Hallyu News that Lee Min Ho cannot watch his own drama! That’s right, Lee Min Ho confessed that he cannot watch Boys Over Flowers, his signature breakout role because his hair and his character were just.. too… flowery! He can’t stand to watch himself because he disliked his hairstyle, and the character that he portrayed. Gotta admit, I hated the chemistry myself. How about you guyz? :)

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  • imfaerae

    You guys are too funny!!! Loved this post. Thanks for some great morning entertainment! :-) Gotta love Boys Over Flowers. Even if it wasn’t a masterpiece, it was fun to watch at the time. Only now can we look back with fond (slightly embarrassed to have watched) memories!

    • hallyuback

      Haha! Glad we could bring you some entertainment!

  • Annette Radcliff

    I am currently watching the drama and have to agree with you and Lee Min Ho. That hair was amazingly bad. So bad that it stands out so you have to watch the drama just to see that monstrosity.. When he straightens it in an episode I was like the gods are smiling down upon us and then damn right back to curly all because of Jan Di and her not falling for him. Girl, help a brother out he is crying out to save him from his hair, love him to save him. The best hair in the drama was Kim Hyun Joong’s in my opinion. Even though in real life not so sure about the man but that character I would fall for any day. Now Lee Min Ho’s character is a hopeless romantic and is growing on me more and I like the drama . But let’s save the boy from his impossible hair, lol!

    • hallyuback

      Eh I’ll just take Kim Bum!

      • Wishbone

        I also think Kim Bum is perfect

  • Shountae Boothe

    Lee Min Ho and me are in the same boat . I regret every hour i spent on that show

  • Jacquelyn Yeo

    I watched Boys Over Flowers in 2010 and I didn’t like Lee Min How’s the hair. I didn’t like Geum Jan-Di even more. I guess I’m not a fan of the actress Ku Hye-Sun. My husband and I plowed through Boys over flowers when we were sick with the flu . We sat there one whole day and night and watched all the episodes it was memorable and also painful too. The ending to Boys over flowers was even worse. LOL i do love the music from it though.

    • hallyuback

      The music was the best part!!! (Followed by Kim Bum!)

  • Bhumika Sharma

    i watched boys over flower in 2015 and i dnt know why he didnt lyk his character coz its the series that made me fall in love with him n not him i lyk everythng in him whether be his hair style or his character………. love u fr that series oppaaaaaaaaa.

    • afan

      I am an indian fan of kdramas too..n i luv it wen i see the popularity of kdrmaz in india….I hope they start a channel soon for korean shows,like v hav for english ones

      • divya

        Hey! I’m also Indian and I also feel like there should be a Korean channel.

  • nova islam

    Ungrateful Lee minho

  • Ihid myname

    I hate that series (Except Kim bum <3<3) and his character as well.. Jan Di is so frustrating too.. But I started liking LMH eventually.. Bty dear Steph.. the more I look at u, u remind me of Indian TV actress Sanaya Irani.. Lolz I'm crazy for this thought 😉 😉

  • Self

    I’ve watched BOF three times already. It’s the first show I watched with Lee Min Ho and I fell HARD! In fact, I’d say Gu Jun Pyo is my favorite character LMH has portrayed, with Choi Young (Faith) being my second. I fell in love with Jan Di and Jun Pyo’s love story, to the point that I rejected Park Shin Hye in Heirs.