“Maki and Minho Christmas 2016”
Acrylic Painting on Canvas – October 2016

This is our Christmas card this year. I got the idea after hand sketching a ton of cards last year and realizing that the number to do has grown immensely. I can’t do it – my hand will fall off! Not really, but it would take me months of cramping hands. Instead I decided to put all of my energy into trying to make one amazing painting featuring my two precious cats that have been a huge joy in my life this year. I also needed to do it early so I can get them out on time – I’m usually a procrastinator but I’m trying!

To think that last year there was no Minho is kind of hard to grasp. He’s become such a quintessential part of our little family. I think that this painting really captures them in a way that shows their personalities. Maki is ever the elegant queenly cat and has the lightest and softest fur. She also tends to watch as Minho gets into trouble and has only recently started to really play with him (I think it’s because he’s finally gotten big enough.) Minho our little guy is a little ball of energy that loves to play and get into everything! I can only imagine him attacking the Christmas lights this year and taking down all of the ornaments. I have a feeling quite a few won’t make it to next year – they may be hiding somewhere with his stash. He also looks quite different from Maki despite being almost the same breed. He’s got bigger mustachio cheeks, darker fur and it’s usually ruffled up from playing/taking a shower – he loves water! Lastly I included their favorite blanket. Last year from one of you guys I got 2 lovely fluffy blankets. Well, they’ve become the cats’ blankets. Minho makes biscuits on it every night and during the day Maki likes to curl up on it for a snooze. So yes, this painting embodies a lot of happiness.

This artwork is a one of a kind piece hand painted by Stephanie Ishler of Hallyu Back. All artwork is for sale unless otherwise specified. If you are interested in purchasing this original painting, contact us here!

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