One of the dramas that has totally thrown my drama radar for a loop this summer is Marriage Not Dating. In all seriousness, I never really thought it would be a very good drama particularly because the preview was kinda cheesy and I didn’t know the actors all that well. But OH HOW I WAS WRONG!! Seriously you guys, how did I not know how epic this drama was going to be!?!? Han Groo is the lead actress who plays a woman torn.. in trying to get revenge on her ex who dumped her when she was proposing she decides to go along with his best friend in a plot to pretend to be together in hopes of getting sweet revenge and so he can escape from the pressure of his family to get married. Instead she ends up the object of desire for 3 men, and trapping herself further when her plan to act like a bad future daughter in law ends up being endearing?? She’s totally winning me over. I find myself watching and wishing I was a bit more like her – she’s friendly, honest, outspoken – though really never mean and has such an energy that everyone is drawn to her.

Oh, how I love this drama. In a summer where there are several romantic comedies of high caliber it is totally holding it’s own and has won me over. Not to mention there is a lot of serious eye candy (Hello Yun Woo Jin and Jung Jin Woon! Where have ya been all my life?) and swoon-worthy moments are not few and far in between. And the kisses!!! I need to hurry up and catch up on the other episodes so I can maybe catch a few more!

Happy Drama Watching everyone! :)

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  • Romy Varas Villalobos

    I love that drama! There’s always a funny moment and Han Groo is so cute, but like a natural cute. She is not too skinny like other korean actresses I’ve seen these days. I have to go now! My teacher is waiting for me to turn off my cellphone hahah xD Love you Steph! <3