Kim Hyun Joong recently made a statement with police that he did in fact admit to having a physical altercation with his girlfriend.

This is the same Kim Hyun Joong that I have admire for years now! The same Kim Hyung Joong that’s a member of SS501. And yes, the same Kim Hyun Joong that I’ve always found extremely cute!

You guy, I’m devastated by this. I’m big time against any sort of assault or abuse against anyone let alone women, and I don’t think he should get away with this. I understand everyone makes mistakes. We are human, and we all make mistakes all the time. It’s just that the level of mistakes that we all make varies so widely. It’s just really unfortunate that this has happened.

I’m curious about what you guy think. Drop a note below in the comment section or in the YouTube comments on this video. I’ll definitely be checking them out and responding.

And as always, thanks for all your support you guyz! :)

  • Mia Pejinović

    I understand you and completely agree. I guess it just goes to show how we really can’t know someone we see on TV and don’t know in person. A few months ago I would never even imagine him being like that. I saw him on a lot of variety shows and he seemed different. I wonder who else I was wrong about… Are idols I admire and spend a lot of time and money on actually really bad people? Do they only pretend on broadcasts?

    • hallyuback

      Well it is important to realize that even “reality” shows and variety shows are still shows.. designed to show you what they want you to think and believe.

  • Lorraine Schulz

    I’m not sure him apologizing is quite enough, I saw the pictures of her bruises and those were some pretty horrendous pictures.
    And a physical altercation is not exactly what I would call it. I think the phrase “beat her with in an inch of her life” covers it better.
    How any man could do that to a woman is beyond my understanding.
    If he and his agency was smart they would cancel every event he has going on, then handle the abuse charge with out lying or covering it up admit he did wrong, get some anger management help and join the army asap.

  • Nathalie

    He needs more than apologizing. He needs to show that he’s truly sorry. Maybe taking therapy sessions, anger management classes, SOMETHING. I believe in giving people second chances, but only if they really work for it. I don’t know at this point if he’s really sorry or sorry he’s been caught, but if he’s really sorry he will work toward proving that he wants to make something better of himself. That’s my two cents.

  • SirTonette Sabaku

    I’m really shocked that this has happened too but Its a good reminder that we don’t really know our favourite idols. If it is in fact true that he caused the victim’s injuries he should be punished. There should be no exceptions or slap on the wrist because he is a celebrity. However, If he didn’t cause her injuries he should still give a public apology to the victim, fined and asked to complete mandatory counseling sessions; since he has admitted to hitting her once. This incident is an indication that he needs help.

    • hallyuback

      Some counseling or anger management therapy would go a long way in improving his image right now.

  • Carmela Imbat

    Yay !!!! Ouch !!!! He’s one of my favorite korean actor too and it was my first time hearing it from you about his scandal. I think I have to read and watch video about it too. Anyway, I wish it never happened because a “bad reputation” is now linked to him :(

  • Mizuki Shou

    This makes me kinda scared and go inside the world of reality, cause people do make mistakes and do bad stuff often >.< Since it was Kim Hyun Joong…I bet other K-Idols would be like this too? If they were in the same situation? Im not sure…But I also agree that he shouldnt get away with this ^.^

  • Arthea Emory

    My take. Yes, people make mistakes and when they are as serious as physical abuse you should be prepared to accept the consequences of your actions. SINCE he has admitted to at least one incident he should pay the price for that. Before he admitted to anything, I was all over the “wait until he responds because it could just be her trying to get famous quick” bandwagon. Once he said, “I’m sorry.” that did it. KHJ is (and will stay) my screen saver. His face, his body, his acting skills (or lack there of) and his music entertain me. Which is what he is paid to do. To entertain. I feel that entertainers deserve to be able to separate their private and professional lives. Granted when he became famous he chose to have all his actions, good or bad, displayed for the world to see with or without his permission. Yes, he should be punished because he did bad, but I don’t think things like this should be tried by the public, because it will affect his career. My reasoning is even though he may have done some bad things or made some bad choices, he is still an exceptional entertainer.


    You keep posting…I’ll keep watching!!!

    • hallyuback

      Good points! I do think it is something that should be talked about however because domestic violence is far too prevalent in Korea. That being said, as it was (according to him) a one time mistake yeah, he should pay for it and be done with it. I’m much more disturbed by Ryu Si Won.. but he’s not as young and cute.

      • Arthea Emory

        …LMH drama? lol

  • Melinda Lipinski

    my point of view, yes he did a majorly stupid stupid thing. should he be punished in some way..yes. is it a good thing that he owned up to what he did, absolutely. does what he did automatically make him some kind of monster? No I don’t think it does. there should be consequences for his actions certainly and he clearly needs therapy of some kind and he should be required to get it whether he likes it or not. I am never a fan of the court of public opinion for any crime, its fickle and unbalanced at its best.
    i like you am pleased that the girl in question was not automatically vilified by the public in this matter. everyone makes mistakes..and occasionally they are horrific (like this one). i think instead of delaying his military service, he should apologize again, get some help and go away quietly for a while

    • hallyuback

      I like your take on this. I hope he does hang low, get some help and bounce back. Goodness knows this isn’t the worst thing that’s happened with a kpop singer/actor!

  • Ginger Pettiford

    Stop putting “idols” and “stars” on pedestals. Stop expecting to be them be the exception to all the same things that afflict everyone else.

    • hallyuback

      Good point, they are human like all of us! Still disappoints me when people act that way though.. :(

  • muramurr

    never liked him

  • Marina

    Is it proven behind reasonable doubts already? It’s so unfair that lately people judge based only on what media tells them.

  • Ali Cara

    I have been a long time fan for years of KHJ, and was both appalled and disappointed in what he had done. Whether or not he had participated in one or more altercation; one is simply enough and it’s something that should never be tolerated and he should be tried to the fullest extent of the law. A man is no man at all when they put their hands on a woman regardless if it was provoked or premeditated.

    In the same token, I think that when you are viewed under the magnifying lens 24/7 the way many of the Korean celebrities are, it brings multitudes of pressure upon them to uphold an image to the point where their own issues and qualms have to be left on the backburner. In the midst of all this happening I vividly thought back to an episode when he was a regular cast member on Barefoot Friends, and the challenge for that episode was when each member teamed up with a songwriter / producer duo to compose and create their own original track and live performance. I remember his distinctly because in comparison to other creations paying tribute to family or funny romantic anecdotes about first loves, his carried a lot of what I think was unrequited feelings about being put on a pedestal as a celebrity and living up to others expectations. I feel like this was just a small hint to an internal conflict for him.

    While this certainly doesn’t excuse his actions and behavior, I feel as if we all had some early indication that something is clearly wrong with him mentally and that he needs help while also paying the consequences for his offense.

  • imfaerae

    Thanks for your thoughts on this sad, sad incident. The more I hear, the more it seems real. I’m sorry for the girl and I’m sorry for him too. Not that I excuse anything he did but it’s all so upsetting.
    Off the subject of your video but thanks for the walk around your neighborhood. I loved seeing a bit of Korea while you roamed. You should video out and about more often. It was very interesting seeing the sights!!

  • jini

    can you do a commentary of Ji Chang Wook and his works?