Talk about a murder mystery romance Korean drama all rolled into one!

This drama stars Yoo In Ah who I most recently saw as a second lead actress in You Who Came From The Stars. Jin Yi Han also stars in it and who, after Ha Ji Won, was my favorite actor in Empress Ki. Nam Gung Min is another lead actor in My Secret Hotel. He was recently in I Need Romance 3. In addition to those starring in this drama is Lee Young Eun who was in To The Beautiful You.

This drama essentially takes some of my favorite second lead actors and actresses that I’ve been dying to see in leading roles, and gives them a chance to really shine. And shine they do.

I went into some detail about how this drama begins to play out in the video, but I gently recap here. I’ve seen 4 episodes so far, but when I filmed this I had only seen 3. This drama goes in a cycle.

The verdict? I like this one, but it’s a like/frustration that I have, because I feel like the first 4 episodes that I watched were one big giant circle. Now I have the back story, which is great, but I want to see what’s gonna happen next. So yes, I plan to watch this entire drama until the final episode. Is it my favorite drama of the early fall? No. But it had extremely high competition this year, and it’s a great drama none the less.

What do you guyz think? Have you been watching this Korean drama?

Happy Drama Watching! :)

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