One of those dramas I thought I would watch one episode and never actually watch the rest of it, but went on to finish the ENTIRE DRAMA was I Need Romance 3. To me, it was the stigma about the name was the initial turn off. Who says that? Of course I’m sure most of us could use a little bit more romance in life, but it’s not as if any of us puts out a big sign board declaring we need more of it! I hope no one ahs done that. ☺ Romance novels and Asian dramas are popular for a reason, usually it’s kept on the down low.

I think I would actually be too shy, embarrassed, awkward, etc. but if I were to say to my husband ‘Listen: I need more romance buddy!’ I’d probably get a good reaction and might even get more! But in doing so some of the shine would be lost because romance is one of those things you want when you’re least expecting. You know, like a surprise party that nobody spoiled for you in advance. And often, it’s the little things you feel stupid for asking, like someone making you breakfast, or washing the dishes without asking. Or if they clean the entire house! Hubby, are you reading this?

I have to admit, you’re good at all of those. I appreciate it all the more when life gets hectic and you’re stressed, like I am right now with schoolwork, and trying to get things ready for my dad coming to Korea. As much as I wanna take off en entire evening and watch a romantic drama for hours on end and procrastinate, I had to make due with looking at these photos on Tumblr, and just reminding myself of what a great drama it was.

  • sarah eel

    Agree no more!!!

  • ladysaotome

    My hubby asked me once if the reason I like Asian dramas so much is because he doesn’t do enough romantic things at home. So I had to reassure him that wasn’t it but I thought it was so sweet that he asked. I’ve learned that the best way to encourage those little romantic overtures is by really appreciating them when they happen. If he doesn’t get great feedback, then he isn’t likely to try again.

    And yes, this drama was adorable. I haven’t cared for the others in the series, and even this series I only cared about the main couple. But they were soooo stinking cute!!! ^_^

  • Melinda Lipinski

    i really enjoyed this was so wonderfully sweet and quirky. and Sung Joon…*sigh* he’s marvelous

  • Iyeli Cristina Potter

    Hi Steph, So I followed your advice and watched this drama over the weekend. It wasn’t bad. I really didn’t care for the lead actress but I loved the young actor!! I saw him in Gu Family book and I can not have enough of his voice. Probably that was the main reason I watched the whole thing.. And the kisses.. There were good kisses all around and I was grateful for that. Over all not a waste of time..

    • hallyuback

      Lol I think we all have the same reaction to Sung Joon his voice is just soo dreamy!! ^^