This had to be one of the coolest experiences I’ve had in the five plus years I’ve been living in Korea.

First off, it’s not very often that I’m able to get all dressed up and go on a fancy date. We tend to do a lot more low key dinners and nights out since I’m still so busy with schoolwork. I knew that this was going to be special, but I really had no idea what was in store for me.

All I really knew was that we were going to get to see the boat that You Who Came From The Stars used in filming and that we were going to have dinner on the sister boat. That was about it.

So, when we showed up at the subway station and were met by two English-speaking crew members to escort us, can I just say I felt like a queen! I had bodyguards man!! Well, maybe not bodyguards but my own personal tour guides. They in turn didn’t know quite how much I knew about dramas. Needless to say we were all pleasantly surprised.

You guyz, when I walked onto the quiet boat deck knowing that I was getting a special tour, it was really something. I recognized the inside of the boat immediately and what kept going through my mind was ‘OMGG Jun Ji Hyun was walking here!!’ Of course I had to point out all the little details to Richard, and pretend to reenact some of the scenes such as when we saved her from falling off the boat.

I even had to make a special trip to the bathroom where they had their little cat fight. Unfortunately that didn’t make it into this video. There wasn’t much to see anyways, but the ambiance LOL

I received yet another surprise when from the bow of the boat the tour guides pointed out another vessel and told me that’s the boat that Fated to Love You was filmed on. Do you want to see that too? To which I shrieked yes with a fan girl scream!

Honestly the whole experience was surreal. Not. Even. Joking. Can’t believe I did it. But I can because we made videos. I wish that it wasn’t over.

And, I hope that we get to go to more drama sets in the future.

Happy Drama Watching Y’all ☺

PS- Thanks Eland Cruise for the invitation aboard your vessels. We enjoyed ourselves immensely. If you’re still reading this and planning to visit Korea anytime in the future, make SURE you take this unforgettable dinner cruise on the Han River. It was worth every penny.


  • Arthea Emory

    you ever smile so hard your ears start to hurt…yea….You are a pain in my ears…HA!

    I think…I’m not sure…but I think you enjoyed yourself. I might have to watch the video again to make sure.

    You keep posting…I’ll keep watching!!!

  • Karen Shortell

    Thanks for the great tour, Steph. And you looked great, even with lipstick on your teeth. I though maybe it was a new fad. Really doesn’t look bad on you. lol