Ahh Thailand, why did I have to leave you so quickly?

This video was shot near Namuang Waterfall, otherwise known to locals as Waterfall 2. You can ride elephants there, feed the elephants, go hiking, and swim under waterfalls. Sound perfect? It pretty much is, or at least for Rick and I it was.

The weather in Koh Samui is about 32-34 degrees in February so it’s a bit on the hot side, especially in the middle of the day. Even on the scooter on the way to the waterfall I had no idea I’d be able to swim there, so even though I was looking forward to seeing a beautiful waterfall, I knew it was going to be a hot experience. To be honest, everyday was an adventure in Thailand and I never really knew what to expect.

When we arrived, I could immediately see elephants from the parking lot so I got excited. I love elephants, I just don’t like the smell of them so much. And boy could you smell them! They were everywhere, and so was their poop! I even stepped in it at one point. I headed over to where tourists were riding elephants and checked it out. It looked like fun, but it wasn’t for me. Plus there was some random fire blazing right over by where the elephants were trekking around with tourists on their backs, and that didn’t look so fun for the tourists that were riding.

After the elephants we headed into the jungle to locate Waterfall 2. From signs we had read it was approximately a 20 minute hike up and into the jungle. I wish we had known it was that far because we both would have brought our sneakers. Instead we had on our flip flops, which ended up being okay since we took our timed and shot some footage of it all.

I was sweating much of the time while hiking, and to my pleasant surprise it was much cooler once we arrived at the waterfall location. I could see people swimming, so I instantly stripped down to my bikini to head for the water. That was the coolest part! Literally!!! The water was cool and fresh, and I could actually sit underneath the waterfall since it wasn’t too strong of a current coming over the rocks. Refreshing, and definitely one of the coolest experiences of the trip!

Making this video was way too much fun, and the whole experience definitely went by too fast. Before I knew it I was heading back to my guesthouse on the bumblebee, with lovely memories of swimming underneath a waterfall.

Thailand I want you back!!!