It’s March, the season of changes where in North America we go from cold and brutal winter to a soft spring (or I hope so anyways!) With this in mind, it’s about time for an all-star studded drama that doesn’t involve psychological diseases or people with multiple personalities either by choice or tragic circumstances! Seriously dramaland, there have been some amazing shows but I’m getting a bit worn on the whole concept.  And so, I’m completely psyched for a romantic comedy which it looks like we’ll get with this new Kdrama Producers! It’s not due out until April, but today they announced the cast, and I couldn’t wait to make a video about it.

The story of young entertainment producers (played by Gong Hyo Jin, Cha Tae Hyun, and KIM SOO HYUN) and a young singer (IU), with one of the best writers in Kdramaland, this is a hit in the making. Honestly though after Healer and Kill Me, Heal Me I can’t help but think, how can Kdramas keep one-upping themselves?!?!

Recent Korean Drama Preview – My Unfortunate Boyfriend

  • Gowri

    Hi! I really enjoy watching your videos! Just thought of a suggestion. How about doing a video on the dramas you think a newbie to the kdramaland should watch, or what you think are some of the classic kdramas of all times? 😀 Take care and have fun!