When I first heard of Queen of SOP it was through a comment on my Top 5 Taiwanese Dramas of 2012.  My initial reaction was “Wait a minute, what?!?!”  I couldn’t believe that I had missed out on what people were calling the greatest Tw Drama of the year.  Unfortunately, looking at the list of dramas that came out in 2012, there weren’t a lot of reasons to get excited about Taiwanese dramas, though I consider them fantastic.  Some of my favorite dramas of all time (and some pretty awesome people that I’ve known in my day) are from that country, and yet they’re often overlooked in favor of the more popular Korean Dramas.

Once hearing about it, I knew I had to check it out, and quickly realized why I hadn’t seen it before.  It’s a joint production between Taiwan and China and as such often got marketed as just one or the other – more often than not, Chinese.  While I have nothing against Chinese dramas, I haven’t watched as many of them as I’ve seen a lot of dubbing.  I love a good drama, I can sit and watch hour upon hour in an intensive marathon – however when dramas are over 20 episodes and are dubbed.. it becomes a little difficult to sit and watch hour after hour.  I think the only thing that I’ve ever managed to get through and enjoy watching dubbed is anime – and even then I prefer the subbed originals.

Anyways, back to the story.  I knew I wanted to watch and review this drama – but when, and how?  And then I started looking at the lineup for the new dramas coming out this spring and saw that there has been a lot of really awesome and sexy business professional dramas coming out and saw my chance to finally give this awesome drama a review.  Yay!

I think it’s especially appropriate as I just covered the various F4 Flower Boys in a 3some and while China didn’t make it on the list (due to having some major plot differences and not being as popular as the Japanese, Taiwanese and Korean versions) the drama Queen of SOP stars one of the lead actors in the Chinese Meteor Shower – Zhang Han!  Combined with the uber smexy Godfrey Gao (who I remember best as Tank from Bull Fighting) and the always gorgeous amazing actress (of Prince turns to Frog and Fated to Love You fame) Joe Chen – this one has an awesome line-up.

While I haven’t seen the entire drama as of yet, I’m already making headway into the 30 episodes and am enjoying every minute – totally fan-girling over Godfrey Gao and Ming Dao (guest starring) mostly.    I’m really happy that overall the dubbing doesn’t seem to be too bad, (with the exception of the business tycoon that owns the company who sounds like and old ninja movie) and the sets are gorgeous – it really makes me visit Taiwan.

Have you seen this drama?  What do you think?

Check out the Blooper scenes here: