Oguri Shun makes his long awaited comeback after taking some time off and getting married with the Japanese Drama Rich Man, Poor Woman. I love this guy and I think I have yet to see him act horribly in a drama. It was a bit depressing finding out that he got married. But, at the same time I’m really happy for him and his new wife.

This one is based loosely off of the movie The Social Network. In it, smexy Oguri Shun plays the eccentric and ruthless self-made CEO of the top IT company in Japan, Next Innovation. Problem is, he can’t remember names – not a good trait to have if you’ve gotta schmooze elite business execs.

On a whim to help himself remember important facts and faces for a business proposal he hires a simple girl who graduated from like the best university in Japan (Tokyo University) but for some reason can’t get a job. Gorgeous and talented Aibu Saki plays the role of poor but brilliant (If you think rote memorization is brilliance) nondescript intern whose life (and in turn, the company) get turned upside down when she gets hired. Though really, who wouldn’t intentionally or unintentionally fall for such handsomeness as Oguri Shun!

Next Innovation may not be so impressive – the technology seems a bit outdated to me – though I live in the current technology capital of the world.. And if they were going to make a company look as cool as Facebook, they’re missing the big giant slides. Where’s the Nintendo to play? Ping-pong tables? Chessboards?
Nice try, Japan. It IS STILL a fantastic drama thanks to the great acting, and undoubtedly one of the best dramas (if not the best) of January 2013.

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