By now, for those of you who follow our blog probably know that I like Korean dramas. I think that’s a pretty fair statement.

One thing I don’t really talk about a lot is Korean reality shows. I believe I’ve talked about ‘We’ve Got Married’ before. I’ve made references to the Sauna talk show (which I don’t know what it’s called in English) and Noonas Over Flowers.

I gotta be honest you guyz, I don’t actually own a television. I haven’t for 5 years. I basically use the internet and YouTube for virtually all video entertainment, whether it be YouTube videos, or dramas, or watching movies online. I watch TV now when I go home to visit family and friends for the summer, and frankly the whole experience now shocks me. I literally almost go into shock sitting in front of a real TV in the US with all it’s glam and commercials and hundreds of channels its virtually nothing good on.

It goes without saying to make a video all about a reality show is pretty unusual for me. It also has to be pretty dang good! I started this one on a whim and by the end of the first episode I was hooked. Yes, they needed to have 11 people in order to make it really good, but I really like the interaction amongst the housemates. The individual personalities that they chose make a unique and upbeat chemistry.

But overall, I just love the insight this show gives into the Korean entertainment industry. For example, the new drama actor So Kang Jun in his break out drama role ‘Cunning Single Lady’ he played an highly intelligent son of a rich chaebol owner who steps up and becomes a CEO/manager. But in real life, he’s a kid more or less who’s fresh out of high school who is learning how to do everything for the first time, like say business tractions. He has to buy a cell phone and doesn’t know the first thing about it. His normal accommodations are a tiny apartment he shares with 4 other people and usually eats ramen.

So far I’ve seen 3 episodes. For me, I like to see that while there are some exceptions, not everyone you see in the Korean drama world is some big name hotshot. A lot of them are down to earth people who just so happen to have a bit of the spotlight and choose the job of acting for a living.

I recommend this show if you have an interest in Korean culture and are looking for some entertainment other than Kpop videos and Korean dramas.

As for me, I plan on watching the 4th episode later tonight! It’ll be great homework motivation. ☺


  • dewanai

    I was so surprised how much I am enjoying this reality show. As you said, the behind the scenes look at the social structure and the private life of the idols/stars, is eye-opening. I also am enamored of “Return of Superman” for a look at families and child rearing. Try that one too. I liked the last season of “We got Married”. I really enjoy the international flavor of the show. I told a friend that I was watching a show about a fake couple dating and getting married and breaking up. Whaa? she said.

    • hallyuback

      I’m already enjoying season 2! ^^