The Korean Drama school series has been going on since 1999! Talk about a hit series!! It must be pretty good if they keep going back to it, right? I guess I’m not surprised, high school dramas are what got me into Asian dramas in the first place, and I’m sure I’m not alone.

This one stars Kim So Hyun who might just be the hardest working and talented young actresses in Korea today. They got her to act in this drama while she was still young enough. Seems to me like she’s growing up really fast.

From the looks of this drama it’s going to be fairly slice of life, which is a more realistic style of drama. Of course it won’t ALL be slice of life, but Koran dramas have to have their shock value. It also looks like this one is going to have a lot of upcoming future stars, both boys and girls that we’ll probably be seeing in the drama world for years to come.

I’m actually gonna check this one out for the first few episodes though I typically don’t watch high school dramas anymore. What about you? Are you excited or interested to watch this drama? ^^

Happy Drama Watching everyone! :)

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  • Dangershoes

    Started watching this drama, and think the trailer lies. lol First episode, I am hooked and confused. Don’t think this is like the Reply series.

    • hallyuback

      Interesting… thanks for the feedback. Have to start it soon!