Serial Killers in Korea? Not only has it actually happened, but a lot of dramas and movies in Korea have actually been based on actual cases that have tackled the topic. One of the most famous of these is called Itaewon Homicide and stars Jang Geun Seok. This is not to say that murders are common in Korea. Korea is actually probably one of the safest countries I’ve ever set foot in and most of the serial killers are stories from 20+ years ago or more. I actually once upon a time worked at a school near the area where one string of murders occurred in the 1990’s. I was warned to never wear a red jacket because well, it could happen to me. Personally, I try not to let fear rule my life and so I wore my red jacket with pride and as expected nothing happened in the years that I worked there.

Fear however is a vital aspect of life that we encounter on a regular basis and frankly; fear is a driving force in entertainment. While I’m personally not typically a fan of fear-mongering and cruelty and therefore not so into detective dramas, they’re still super popular and I’ve always managed to find a few that kept me intrigued like CSI or 24 style show. I do think though that if you must do detective why not do it with an Asian flair! While there’s definitely some anime’s that I’ve found over the years that delved into the detective realm (Hellsing for example) there’s others that I’ve yet to uncover – so why not spend a 3Some figuring out some of the crueler dramas in the Asian drama world??

The first one to tackle was Special Affairs Team 10 Season 2. Personally, I’ve never watched the first season – but, in doing my research online a lot of people ranked it high on mydramalist so I thought it might be a good place to start. It’s certainly got some of the feel of an intense action detective drama that stands its own. It reminded me a bit of a CSI or Law and Order. I’m not really quite sure which I prefer though. It’s missing a bit of the power of the strength of characters that you find in epically long serial style dramas but on the other hand they’re not exactly regurgitating the same format for 40 plus episodes. Again.. It’s good but I’m not quite sure about this drama. Thoughts?

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