I have to admit I wasn’t super pumped to watch and review this drama because I’m just not into action dramas.  Don’t get me wrong, I like James Bond. Saturdays when I was a young girl I would see them on the TV with my father.  It wasn’t that I liked watching them all that much, but there was nothing else on and I liked hanging out with my daddy.  I was also not that much into CSI.

But!  I am into Korea dramas, so although this isn’t the type of drama I would normally choose to watch myself, this episode one was indeed action packed.

The dock and car chase scene in the beginning was high intensity.  Usually dramas in Korea don’t have this sort of high profile, high impact, cinema sort of action.  As well, it’s no small amount of money to shoot these sorts of scenes, so the effort put into this first episode from the production crew was noticeable.  Later on in episode 1, the training scenes between the male and female characters was in depth and, although there were a few minor mistakes like using fakes guns and the female character not knowing how to handle her weapon in the snow, overall the plot was intriguing.

Funnier than that tho, while writing the script for the TOAD I knew that I had to do something different in order to make this episode fun.  I couldn’t just shoot this one like most of the others.  So while scripting it I came up with the idea of pretending to try out to be an Iris secret agent.  It was cold the other morning when I went out there for my officially tryout training session.  I ran, did sit-ups, used ALL the exercise machines in by the river in my neighborhood, and in the end came home exhausted even though I was able to rest in between each and every take.  It’s safe t say I slept well that night.

I’ll take ‘That Winter, the Wind Blows’ over this drama any day! ^ㅆ^