It’s time for the holidays! That means perfect drama watching time for almost everyone! ^^ Whether you’re a student who has just finished up right before winter break, or someone who’s busy cooking for holiday parties.. or just trying to avoid your family, this is a great time of year to indulge in some drama watching.


So, if you’re looking for something to watch, here are the Top 10 Korean Dramas of 2013 as voted by the Hallyu Back drama community!

It’s been such a unique pleasure to become part of such an awesome community of drama lovers! I started off watching them like everyone, and with Richard’s help decided to start making videos about my favorite ones. What happened after that nobody could have predicted, especially since I’m just a nerdy, slightly awkward girl from Pennsylvania that loves Asian dramas as much as the next person. But with some hard work and some amazing support from all of you, we’ve been able to make Hallyu Back happen together! It hasn’t been easy at times, but it has been worth it!

Which brings me to.. the BIG GIVEAWAY ANNOUNCEMENT!!!

You guyz, this our FIRST EVER Hallyu back Giveaway! So, we are amking it special! YAY!!!!! Since it’s the season of giving, we are giving away THREE (3) specially chosen Korean holiday care packages! Richard and I went shopping several times already to get all the items going into the giveaway packages. What’s in them exactly? Goodies!! Lots of fun Korean items that everyone will enjoy!

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1. The Master’s Sun
2. Heirs
3. I Hear Your Voice
4. Gu Family Book
5. Secret
6. Good Doctor
7. That Winter The Wind Blows
8. Flower Boy Next Door
9. Beautiful Man
10. Reply 1994
11. Empress Ki / Marry Him If You Dare (tie)
13. Cruel City
14. Nine: Nine Time Travels
15. Who Are You
16. Two Weeks
17. The Best Lee Soon Shin
18. Monstar / Nail Shop Paris
20. When A Man’s In Love
21. Jang Ok Jung
22. The Queen’s Classroom
23. Incarnation Of Money
24. Queen Of Ambition
25. Blade And Petal

the 2013 Korean Dramas bloopers:

  • Sel Ma

    Heirs is waaay too overrated :/

  • irilight

    My favorites are Two Weeks and Scandal: A Shocking and Wrongful Incident. No other drama even came close to these two, in terms of well written script and fantastic acting

  • Arthea Emory

    The ONLY reason I chose Heirs over Flower Boys Next Door is because PSH actually SPOKE in Heirs. Well, that and Heirs was better…LOL!

  • Lily Kim

    OMGOMGOMG AHHH~! ok ok ok breathe Jin Breathe… hoo~
    Okay my top 3 : was HEIRS.. i mean come on who was NOT watching it? Empress KI: i hate how i have to wait every week.. nooooooooo~ HAJIWON. The emperor is adorabel how he is trying to get Hajiwon’s approval. Next The flower Boy next door: I liked how it should a different perspective of a shut in cause everything she said i’m sure everyone felt even though we are not shut ins. but then Yoonshiyoon always said something that was also true “Always look on the brightside of life” Whoo ( Monty python) It was like a battle of who-makes-the-best-quotes or something. I liked the ones on the list but these three took stole my heart .. (and time) from me.
    “What was your absolute favorite moment of drama watching in 2013?” There were soooo many… BUT the one i still love are the ones in Heirs and Choi Young Do. Especially the one where he says “you can’t move because of me? I’m blocking this whole road? (ep5)” OMG i don’t know why but i am going to use this someday!… SOMEDAY!

  • Heidi Lyon

    I’m so glad Master’s Sun made #1!!! It was, without a doubt, the best :) I loved the list, and your presentation of the list. My Top 3 kdramas of 2013 were Master’s Sun, I Hear Your Voice, and Two Weeks.

  • Sarah Z

    칼과 꽃 for me was the most underrated drama of the year. The cinematography was absolutely top notch. It was like watching a piece of art. It was really different from mainstream historical dramas which have far too much dialogue.The dialogues in this were short, to the point and most of all were meaningful. Also the music in 칼과 꽃 just blended flawlessly with every key moment in the drama… Anyone into art movies would love this drama… except the ending… which just makes you want to kill the authors… which is exactly how you should feel after watching a tragedy! ^^

  • Elisabeth DeBratto

    Wow this is tough….. Ok my top three are Heirs, Beautiful Man, and Marry Him if You Dare. I think the main reason I fell in love with these three is because of all the actors. Lee min ho, park shin hye, jang gen suk, yong hwa, iu, eun hye, Krystal and many many more familiar faces. Heirs did an excellent job portraying the status/class dominance that Korea bases all their respect on. And the highschool theme was classic, they just spiced it up with rebellious lee min ho :). Next was pretty man….. Can I just say that Iu is adorable!!!!! I can’t get enough of her…. And I can’t believe I’m going to say this but at this point I really don’t think jang gen suk deserves her, she should date David. But that is what makes it interesting and they did a very good job portraying all the secrets and back stabbing that comes along with buisness life. And lastly Marry Him If You dare. Oh man, yonghwa :D. When I see his face I can’t help but smile. He’s just so genuine!!! I thought it had an interesting plot with eun hye trying to fix her life before it is to late. Overall I think all of these Korean stars have graduated from their kiss scenes to their buisness life. Good Job to all those who gave a good show in 2013!!! I very much look forward to more!!!! 😀

  • Priscilla Lee

    Wow O.O well you sure are putting me in a tough spot in this…becoming a drama addict was the best thing that could happen to me :) it made me love the actors even more and a lot of the dramas actually made me feel as if I was with them in the scene…well only the pleasant ones >.>….well going back to my best my top 3 K-Drama (which aren’t really my top 3 because there is just so many that you can’t choose one, but this came quite close to it). For certain Heirs and Gu Family Book have to be in there. I really love the chemistry the protagonists have in this dramas. Even though I’m not really into politics Heirs made me believe otherwise ( like come on who wouldn’t when someone like Lee Minho is involved) I’ve seen many of Lee Minho’s dramas but Heirs tops them all :). Now Gu Family Book, to be honest I only watched this drama because Lee Seunggi was coming out 😛 and besides what girl wouldn’t like some supernatural in their life, that makes it even more interesting, also the other protagonist was Suzy, she’s really pretty and talented and she’s in one if the girl groups that I like. Once I started watching I just couldn’t stop, like literally I stayed several nights to watch this drama. The protagonist were good looking, it had a good plot, it contained supernatural, one of the protagonist was Lee Seunggi (I think that goes into. The good looking category…oh well it doesn’t hurt to say it twice :)), and it was funny ^-^ it was like the perfect package. Although the ending was kinda sad, even though they did meet in their next life…still it left me wanting more!!! I hope they make a part 2 :). Now the third one was the most difficult one. It was a given that Heis and Gu Family Book was on the top 3 but fir my 3rd one I was between Who Are You, I Hear Your Voice,and Flower Boy Next Door. Although it was a tough decision I had to chose Flower Boy Next Door. I’m not saying I Hear Your Voice and Who Are You are bad, no, no, no quite the contrary. Both the male protagonists are very handsome and they both provide supernatural so it was a trip to heaven for me, but I like a Flower Boy Next Door more because not even it provided a romance I think anybody would die for, it also provides you with comedy side of the story. I also think Park Shinhye is an awesome actress, I can’t leave out the anti-social stalker type of girl, which believe me is would also do that if I had some one as handsome as that guy living across the street :P. And that concludes my top 3 k-dramas and my Why’s :)
    P.S. Have a happy New years :) and a happy b-day to me 😛 (btw it’s on the 31st of December…just trinity it out there:) bye kkkkkk~

  • Liying Wang

    My TOP three favorite drama of the year 2013 is Heirs, School 2013, and Dating Agency: Cyrano.

    Why? Well…

    Heirs =^o^=
    Heirs was very intriguing because it makes the viewers sit at the edge of their seat, wanting more of the drama( literally, two episodes each week are not enough). It was great to once again see a love triangle between wealthy high school guys ( Kim Tan and Choi Young-Do) fighting over a middle-class girl ( Cha Eun-Sang). I loved the roles that each cast played and they were just brilliant! Although I kind of felt bad for Young-Do, for being rejected so many times. The main reason was that I was fascinated to see that the beginning of the drama took place in the USA and finally for once, Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye are together in a drama and both as the main cast. Would you say that they make a great couple in reality? ~^^

    School 2013 [*.*]
    This drama is super touching once you watch it. I admire this drama because it is full of actions, some-what comedy, and most importantly, the strong friendship between friends ( you can never replace true friends). Go Nam Soon wanted to reconcile with his best friend Park Heung Soo, but due to the tragedy in middle school that made Park Heung Soon unable to play soccer and be a professional soccer player for the rest of his life, their friendship was ruined. Anyone wouldn’t wish for that to happen especially when you’re a step closer to your destination. Anyways, The one quote that I thought was true and heart-breaking was,” What I am throwing away now is not school but you, you bastard.” In fact, at the end, they reconciled with the help of their seonsaeng. Also, It was great to see that Seungri high school became a non-bully zone, for it once was. A fantastic drama! :3

    Cyrano: Dating Agency (~.o.~)
    This drama falls into the category of comedy and romance~ This is a fabulous drama to watch because a team called Cyrano Agency helps clients who are having trouble with their love live. Ironically, Gong Min-Young, an employee of Cyrano Agency falls in love with the leader, Seo Byung-Hoon, however, he rejects her feeling, although he did had a bit of feelings for her. However, when Gong Min-Young was kidnapped, Seo Byung-Hoon finally came out of the shell and expressed his true-inner feelings to Gong Min-Young. I thought it was an excellent drama because SooYoung acted really well along the lines. In fact, this drama seemed so real, because for a fact, I learned that anyone is able to help others conquer love, but when it comes to themselves, they can’t even express their own feelings. (:

    P.S.S. Steph, I would recommend you watching School 2013 if you hadn’t already (:
    Also, Happy Holidays~

  • Sam

    My top 3 KDrama of 2013:

    1) Heirs (DUUUH!)

    Ok, not much to explain but, BEST DRAMA EVAH! My favorite actors in 1 drama = PERFECTION. Lee MinHo, Park ShinHye, Minhyuk, KIM FREAKING WOOBIN, Krystal Jang! HyungShik! I CAN GO ON LISTING ALL THE DAMN CAST MEMBERS! These handsome and pretty people just made the drama interesting and beautiful and full of FEELS~~~!!!! xD

    2) Flower Boy Next Door

    Ok, again, PARK SHINHYE AND FREAKING YOON SIYOON!!!!!!!!! LOVE THESE GUYS! Yoon SiYoon just makes every drama interesting and fun and just SO DAMN CUTE! THAT SMILE OF HIS!!!!! xD I also saw a new side to ShinHye’s acting, which made me realize how good and amazing of an actress she is! FANTABULOUS!

    3) Beautiful Man

    I don’t need to say much (BUT I JUST DO), JANG, FREAKING GEUN, GOD DAMN, SEUK!!!!! He is A ‘BEAUTIFUL MAN’ The title of the drama says it all, ‘nough said! I watch every drama of Jang GeunSeuk, cause he is just too damn awesome and obviously, BEAUTIFUUUUL~~~ IU was in this drama, I also love her, saw a total new side to her acting. As she was a creepy damn girl stalking the love of her life, I just thought that there is hope for me too! T________T

  • Katelyn Sanborn

    My favorite KDramas of 2013:
    1) Flower Boy Next Door
    I love Park Shin Hye she is an amazing actress and also the reason I started to like Korean Dramas, the first one I watched was You’re Beautiful and I think it will always be one of my favorites. Flower Boy Next Door is just so cute and Yoon Shi Yoon’s character makes the drama so funny. Ah that panda hat scene :D. Also I could not get the nickname chant for Go Dok Mi out of my head!

    2) Nail Shop Paris
    I loved this one! I like Gender Bender Dramas, I mean that’s how I got into Dramas anyway! Gyu Ri dressed as a man is pretty funny, I don’t believe she really could’ve been thought of as a man but that’s not really the point. The only issue I have with this one is the ending! It was too short and a little thrown together, that does not make me hate the drama though. I never knew that Nail artists would have Sasaeng fans, that part was a little creepy. I like the idea of Nail artists who help their customers feel better and also to help them with the problems they have in their lives (a little bit), it’s nice that they care for the customers!

    .3) I don’t have a number 3 because I just got into Dramas this year and I have been watching ones that came out in previous years because I have to catch up! I will definitely watch Heirs, Bel Ami, The Best Lee Soon Shin, Monstar, That Winter The Wind Blows, and Marry Him If You Dare because they seem really interesting.