I have a total girl crush on Ha Ji Won. Maybe it’s because she’s totally beautiful or that she can kick-ass like no other girl in Korean dramas. It probably has something to do with the fact that she does her own stunts and that every drama that she’s done since Damo in 2003 has been a hit.


That’s right, this girl has been on fire in the drama world for the last 10 years! That isn’t to say that she didn’t get a head start, that was already several years into her successful lead actress career. She’s also got some humanitarian and ambassador roles under her belt, and she used to sing kpop. Oh yeah, she’s even a published author.

The girl is awesome, that is for sure. There is a reason that I liken her time and time again to the Korean Angelina Jolie. I’m excited and a little sad to say that right now she’s busy practicing her English because after Empress Ki she’s planning on taking on Hollywood! To those who may be thinking, “big deal” it really is a big deal since most of the Korean stars that have crossed over into Hollywood are usually men. And she’s signed with a company with some pretty big stars (Johnny Depp, Gweneth Paltwrow and Uma Thurman to name a few..)

So yeah super excited about one of my favorite actresses and heck, favorite thespians of all time! I’m currently totally immersed in her drama Empress Ki and on the edge of my seat waiting for the next episode to air. It’s going to take a long time to get through it at 50 episodes, but I know that Ha Ji Won will make it worth every single minute!
Here’s my list of top 10 Ha Ji Won dramas, and frankly, if you’re a fan I highly recommend her movies as well. I didn’t include them in my list though since I focus mainly on dramas and that would make this video freakishly long. I’m serious she’s got a lot of great movies!

Any Ha Ji Won fans out there? What’s your favorite drama that she’s ever been in? I know it’s a hard decision, especially between King2Hearts, Secret Garden and Empress Ki but I know you can do it!

10. Life is Beautiful
9. Secret
8. Days in the Sun
7. What Happened in Bali
6. School 2
5. Damo
4. Hwa Jin Yi
3. King2Hearts
2. Secret Garden
1. Empress Ki

the blooper reel:

  • Arthea Emory

    “Kitty stole my sweater.” LOL! I chose What Happened In Bali because of the realization she makes in the last few minutes of the show…and what happens as she makes it. I WAS IN TEARS!!! The back and forth in this drama is so good. Of course I liked the top 5, but I voted for #7 because of the struggle and that final realization. the emotions she had to get though to get there…and where she was when she made it…SERIOUSLY!!!?! I’ve never repeated a drama, but I just might repeat this one.

  • TYN123

    I chose Damo because that was her first big break and it was really the drama that cemented me as a HJW fan. I was a bit torn with Hwang Jin Yi and School 2 because I like the more aggressive characters in there.

  • Lilian Chang

    I love all beautiful Ha Ji Won’s dramas n movies, she’s a great Korean actress