I did the Top 5 Friday a little bit different this week.  Right as Rick and I were planning our next topic for the show, he noticed in one of the comments a fantastic recommendation.  As soon as I read it I could not have agreed more!  So, I began preparing it right away, and that night (Wednesday) we shot it.  And then following evening while Rick was editing I saw it all over the Korean news: Park Shin Hye had been chosen to act opposite Lee Min Ho in his upcoming drama!!!  Dag-nabit!  Those pesky Koreans, always moving fast on every decision they make.  It’s always ‘bali bali’ over in these parts, they can’t slow down for anything.

I have to say that I am pleased they chose Park Shin Hye.  She is most certainly becoming one of the faces that people around the world recognize if they know anything at all about Korea and Korean dramas.  She’s pretty, she’s talented, and I even included her in the video with my dream list.  Maybe it was a premonition haha 😀

Nevertheless I had a blast hypothetically putting Lee Min Ho together with some of the absolute hottest actresses in the land.  Playing fantasy can be so much fun, and when you’re playing fantasy with Lee Min Ho, well, we can ALL somehow try to imagine that now, can’t we?

What about you?  I’m sure a lot of you thought about this.  Who would YOU have matched Mr. Smexy Lee Min Ho up with for his future drama if you were the casting agent?  I’m dying to know how some of you would have compiled your list! 😀

The list from the video:

10. Yoon Eun Hye
9. Park Shin Hye
8. Song Hye Kyo
7. Park Bo Young
6. Han Ji Min
5. Park Se Young
4. Ha Ji Won
3. Kim So Eun
2. Han Hyo Ju
1. Yoona

Check out the blooper scenes:

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    I love LMH!