Excited for Kdramas in February! YAY!!!

It’s Lunar New Years here in Korea, and everyone is celebrating with their family and loved ones. Personally, because my family (besides Maki and Richard!) are so far away, I’m sitting at home watching dramas, as well as Tweeting, Tumbling and the like. If you follow my Twitter or Tumblr then you know what I mean. 😉


I feel like I’m caught in flux because so many great dramas I’m currently watching are all finishing really soon. Typically, I’d normally be really depressed about all that. As funny as it is to say, that’s true. But this month, drama producers are making the transition much easier to get over the drama slumps by starting off the Lunar New Year with not 1, not 5, but 10 freaking new dramas. A couple of them are mini dramas, and it’s not like I’m gonna watch all 10, but choices man!

One of the ones this month that has a chance as being as popular as some of the most recent Korean Dramas is ‘Cunning Single Lady’. Lee Min Jung has not made a drama since BIG, not that I’m surprised though because she just got married last year. She is also so pretty! The draw for this one for me is Joo Sang Wook. He’s got the look and the acting talent. The only thing I don’t get about this drama is why the characters got divorced in the first place. I suppose tho if there was no drama then it wouldn’t be a drama, right?

I’m also thinking Three Days is gonna be good. The actual plot itself doesn’t appeal to me that much because I prefer my action in movies more than in dramas. But, Micky Yoo Chun!! I haven’t seen him in a drama since 2012 with Rooftop Prince and Missing You. I have been waiting for him to make a come back ever since. It may not be my personal choice for drama fodder, but if that’s how you want to play it Micky, I suppose I’ll tune in. I mean I’ll have to tune in. I’ll be tuning in.

I can’t talk about all of these and not talk about Oh Ji Ho and Cheo Yong. Last year he did the Kdrama ‘Queen of Office’ with Kim Hye Su, which I wasn’t a huge fan of because they gave him a bad part. He is a long time, popular Korean actor with a smile that leaves you speechless. Gonna be checking this one out for sure!

Here’s the full list of my fav Korean Dramas of Feb. 2014

10. Heo Nanseolheon – 허난설헌

9. God’s Gift – 14 Days – 신의 선물 – 14일

8. Her Lovely Heels – 여자만화 구두

7. Wonderful Days – 참 좋은 시절

6. Mimi – 미미

5. Beyond The Clouds / The Full Sun – 태양은 가득히 

4. Bride of the Century – 백년의 신부

3. Cheo Yong – 처용 

2. Three Days – 쓰리데이즈 

1. Cunning Single Lady – 앙큼한 돌싱녀

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  • Kitti Griszbacher

    Oh! thank you for this video! I’m really looking forward to Bride of the Century and Cunning Single Lady. It seems to be a good February!( And you’re right everybody loves Jeremy :) )

    • hallyuback

      It DOES seem to be a good Feb. for Kdramas, doesn’t it? ^^

      • Kitti Griszbacher

        Yup! ^^

  • Sel Ma

    Can’t wait too see Yoochun in another drama OMG i have a feeling i’m gonna fall for him all over again!

  • irilight

    Thank you for the video…and reminders.
    My absolute Yes: Three Days; Mimi – ( I hope someone subs it and brings it to the U.S.); God’s Gift-14 days, Heo-nan Seol-heon;
    My maybe’s: Bride of the Century; Cunning Single Lady (just for Joo Sang-wook); Very Good Times; Beyond the Clouds, Ghost Seeing Detective,

  • Miko Satou

    Cheo Yong – can’t wait for that one.
    Crime, mystery, ghosts/horror, detective — can’t wait.

  • mimo

    tnx alot for that you helped me a lot (piking ones that i like ) sorry for my english
    and again thanks