In honor of being selected by YouTube to attend the first ever YouTube music awards being held in New York, London and Seoul on November 3rd, 2013, I’ve put together my first ever comprehensive list of what I consider the best Kpop songs and videos of 2013.

I’m beginning to take knowing about Kpop and popular Korean music in general a lot more seriously than ever before. I’m hoping this video in part demonstrates this. I am absolutely certain that people are going to disagree with some or many of my selections, but whatevs. How could I ever avoid such a thing if what I’m doing is making lists of Kpop videos and uploading them to YouTube?

My list from the video:

11.  SHINee – Everybody

10.  After School – First Love

9.  Sun Mi – 24 Hours

8.  F.T. Island – Memory

7.  Tiny G – Miss You

6.  2NE1 – Do You Love Me

5.  Block B – Very Good

4.  G-Dragon – Crooked

3.  EXO – Growl

2.  MFBTY – Sweet Dream

1.  Psy – Gentleman

How did I do? What videos or songs that you really like did I miss? Any advice at all on this Kpop thing is welcomed since I’m barely a month old in all this..

Thanks for watching!!! ^^

  • Parsacarly

    Definitely some great choices there! I was just trying to think of my own top 10 – and found it way too difficult! But my top 5 (taking into account both song and video) so far, would have to be:

    1. EXO – 으르렁: Amazing song and video – my favourite SM video by far, and although I like SHINee songs a lot, they’ve never had a video this awesome!
    2. B1A4 – 이게 무슨 일이야 (What’s Happening) –
    This song is just so catchy and the video is really vibrant – also hilarious (and a little bit creepy).
    3. Crayon Pop – 빠빠빠: Need I say anything? It’s Crayon Pop! Not my favourite of their songs but all of their songs are amazing!
    4. Heo Young Saeng – The Art of Seduction –
    If you haven’t seen this video, you’re missing out! The song is kind of disco-style and the video is creepy mixed with hilarious.
    5. Block B – Very Good: It’s Block B! I do prefer Nillili Mambo but I guess they are taking it to the next ‘revel’ here! ㅋㅋㅋ

    After that there are at least 75 more songs in my favourite list that it would be impossible to rank – some of them I prefer the song or the video – so it becomes really difficult! I have a playlist of my favourites of 2013 – all 80 of them!
    Anyway, we’ll have to wait and see what the rest of the year brings. Good luck at the YTMA’s! And keep educating yourself in the world of kpop!

  • murrymeta4

    Mine-Jaejoong- released Jan. 2013
    Unbreakable-Kim Hyun Joong
    Incredible by Junsu is a lot of fun

    • murrymeta4

      I meant to post links:

  • Song Mae-ri

    Can u c if their is any good music for SNSD and f(x)? Thanx!

  • Song Mae-ri

    Oh yeah their is a new song of IU!