It’s Jdrama week! And oh-my-goodness, does Japan have a lot of exciting dramas coming out this Month. Names like Kame, Maki Horikita, AKIRA, Ryo, Koike Teppei, Nakama Yukie.. I seriously cannot begin to explain to you all how awesome this month is for Asian dramas. In actually making the top 20, I will say that I missed 3 very excellent looking dramas that would have been in my top 5 for sure.


The first of these is Clinic on the Sea (Umi no Ue no Shinryoujo/海の上の診療所) Matsuda Shota plays a doctor who falls in love with women too easily and a nurse who won’t fall for Shota. The next big one to check out is Bitter and Sweet – Tea of Hope. (Nigakute Amai – Kibou no Cha/苦くて, 甘い 希望の茶) Koike Teppei works as a volunteer and helps restore a tea farm. Such a good guy that Teppei! My number ‘#1 drama’ that I forgot to include in the review is Honey Trap. (Honey Trap/ハニー・トラップ) Akira and Nakama Yukie play husband and wife in this drama. They work together in a large company until one day the Mrs. disappears and so does his wealth and information on a new project he was working. It kind of reminds me of a Japanese version of the American movie Mr. and Mrs Smith

But here’s the countdown itself and a little bit of info that I likely didn’t put in the video itself.

20. Island of Red Spider Lilies
A pretty doomed rescue mission – going to fight an island full of vampires and save a brother in the process. I’m really not looking forward to watching this one all that much, as I’m not a fan of horror movies or dramas and though it doesn’t bother me in the original manga context, I don’t think I could make it through multiple episodes. BUT IF YOU’RE A FAN OF VAMPIRES – by all means, go for it!

19. Noble Bachelor
3 people who have fairly bad luck with actual relationships get connected and involved in a film studio. It seems relatively interesting – and the title is.. noble? Or at least the title is intriguing.

18. Husband’s Woman
It’s based on “Otto no Kanojyo” by Miu Kakiya. I really know nothing else about this one. But, I don’t want to exclude this one from the rankings because of it. It looks like there’s a bit of a younger woman being a secondary party in a normal family relationship – but they don’t look angry from the picture!

17. 49 / Forty Nine
I got to admit; this one sort of freaks me out. There’s a kid whose dad died and good ‘ol dad’s spirit enters his body. Having lost a parent, I do not like the idea of becoming a parent in spirit form. Even if dad was cool, knows how to be popular and play sports. You got to let your son figure it out for himself. What the crap!?!?

16. Doctor-X 2
Dr X is really hot – girl is smoking gorgeous! If you like smexy female doctors who also love watching horse racing and performing operations that others think meaningless then it looks like a great drama!

15. Hard Nut
This one is really hard not to laugh about because of both the title, and that this one is about a young detective partnered with a female university student. Trying to pull my mind out of the gutter now..

14. Detective’s Eyes
Kippei Shiina is a detective with mad eyes or well a detective of violent crimes who feels for families and youth.

13. Kurokouchi
I’m a fan of Ayame Goriki and I have been since Biblia, but she plays the rookie partner of a somewhat corrupt detective.

12. Danda Rin Labour Standards Inspector
A Labor Standard’s Inspector – such an exciting job, right?? Well this drama will give the inside scoop!

11. Link
People linked together in a tragic bombing. Sounds a bit terrible, but it’s what happens in the midst of tragedy. Somehow, someway we’re all connected.

10. Legal High 2
Did you like the first Legal High? Here’s the sequel. The lead is a bit unusual in his approach but goes for a peaceful mutual resolution in disputes.

9. I Love Tokyo Legend – Kawaii Detective 2
Ancient Legends in Tokyo, the craziness of Mount Fuji. This is what happens when a cute – ahem, kawaii^^ former FBI detective tries to solve them.

8. Pierrot Praying to the Moon
Ever fall in love with a book that changes your life and reminds you to hope and dream. What if you were a girl who met a guy that also connected with the same book? Sounds like a really sweet romance story to me!

7. Welcome to Fortune-Telling Onmyo Shop
Nishikido Ryo plays a guy who once was a host. How am I not surprised? Anyways, now he tricks people with his fake fortune telling shop. Personally he can read my fortune any day. Heck I don’t care if it’s true – better if it’s make believe with him in it!

6. Prince Charming Best Age for Pure Love
This drama kind of has ecchi harem romance all over it.. or does it? A young teacher who works at an all girls high school and the ladies love him. * sigh * He’s got such a rough life man!

5. No Con Kid
Any video game lovers out there? Of course there are! This drama is about a guy who relives the best times of his life when he was young and playing in his parent’s arcade

4. Killer Queen Bee
Killer, Jpop, caberet assassins. I never thought that I would put those words together in a sentence. All that aside, the costumes are phenomenal and I’m getting some Halloween ideas!.
The 8 members of the Jpop group Model girls play the leading ladies of a cabaret that specializes in contract murders.

3. Ando Lloyd – A.I. Knows Love ?
Wormholes and time traveling back to the past. If only I realized that Ando Lloyd actually sounds like android. We all have our dumb moments..

2. Tokyo Bandwagon
Kazuya Kamenashi is there anything more to say to get you all to watch this one?? No??? This one is playing into a lot of my obsessions:Travel, second hand bookstores, and Kame!!!

1. Miss Pilot
Maki Horikita is my girl! Well, in fantasy anyways. In this drama she’s trying to be an a pilot for the major Japanese Airline NANA plays a girl who can’t lie but wants to be an airline pilot for All Nippon Airways or ANA!! Fighting Maki!!!

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