This week I’m rounding up my list of dramas I’d really like to see this fall out of all three countries. As a grad student who’s diligently working to try to finish my thesis this semester, I’m about to have a lot less time to peruse all of the dramas beyond an episode or two and more of a need to focus on just what I want to watch. So this is my drama To Do List if you will. Due to the informative and brief nature of video, I wanted to talk briefly about each and tell you a little bit more about my current thoughts. Hope you enjoy!


Liar Game
Probably one of the dramas I most can’t wait to see this fall, I’d rank it higher than 5 on the list, but I don’t know who’s in it yet! That’s fine, I get that they just recently announced it and there’s a lot of big casting decisions to be made with it.. but get on with it already! I keep checking the Internet practically nonstop trying to figure out who’s going to be in this great drama. It better be good, I’ll tell you that much!

Nobunaga Concerto
So I totally said this one wrong throughout the entire video. But I’m still looking forward to seeing it. I love Oguri Shun, he’s one of my Japanese actor biases and I’ve been a fan since my first episode of an Asian drama. It does scare me a bit that he’s still taking on high school roles because he’s obviously not that young again anymore, but it is a pretty important role.. and if John Travolta could do it?!?! Oh Shun, I don’t know why but I’ll watch it anyways. I do love seeing you in historical action packed dramas!

The Game of Lies
It’s kinda funny that this one stars Jett Lee. I have to stress, it’s not THE Jett Lee, it’s just the 25 year old cutie pie that could just rock the Taiwanese drama world in the future. What I’m really looking forward to seeing is Ella back in dramas post wedding. While I’m not anywhere near as knowledgeable about Taiwanese entertainment as I am Korean, I do like S.H.E and all the dramas starring its members lol!

Naeldo Cantabile
You guyz, I’m completely terrified and excited about this drama remake. It’s the same feeling I had prior to the start of Fated To Love You, and we all know how that turned out. Pretty freaking fantastic!!! This is the year of Korea remaking some of my favorite dramas of all time and while they don’t have a great track record in my opinion, I feel that they’re really giving it their all this year. I’m also psyched about the casting, particularly so now that Yoona dropped out. I love the girl, but she’s too pretty to play the role, and I’m being completely realistic there. Now I’m psyched.. and hearing that Joo Won’s been preparing for the past 4+ months, I’m even more ready to see this drama. Bring it on!

Time Spiral
Maybe this shouldn’t be this high on the list, but I haven’t seen a Japanese drama with as exciting a cast and plotline as this in a long time. As soon as I read Gackt and Kuroki Meisa I was sold. You don’t have to agree with me, but if you’re a Jdrama fan, I hope you understand.

5. Liar Game – 라이어 게임
4. Nobunaga Concerto – 信長協奏曲
3. Game of Lies – 謊言遊戲
2. Naeldo Cantabile – 내일도 칸타빌레
1. Time Spiral – タイムスパイラル

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  • Arthea Emory

    I see what you did there…slipping the Jdramas and Tdramas in to get the Kdrama watchers into them….pretty sneaky sis, oh yes!

    *fun fact…while writing, Jdramas and Kdramas not marked as incorrectly spelled…Tdramas is…HA!*

    • hallyuback

      Funniest part about it is that the Korean dramas from this list are Japanese remakes! So technically, it’s 4 Japanese concepts. lol