Most of us were looking forward to 2013 being a great year for dramas. But, while some of the dramas people were looking forward turned out to be not so great, 2014 began with some OUT OF THIS WORLD drama action!!!! Particularly You Who Came From The Stars drama action! ☺


I still have not gotten around to finishing Witches Romance. But I have seen some episodes and it’s definitely got the wild and smexy aspects to it, especially with a lot of the kissing scenes.

You’re All Surrounded is a great drama for the intense comedy of the storyline. It also comes well recommended simply for Lee Seung Gi and Go A Ra, two very quirky names for the under 30 acting crowd. They’re not afraid to play any type of character that comes their way and are giving a fresh spin on the really big detective police theme that’s been ongoing for the 2014 theme.

Inspiring Generation is one of those dramas that somehow to me does fit into the overarching spectrum of Kdramas. In a way that makes me love it all the more. It’s very much a fighting drama. Like seriously. If you can’t handle fighting and gangster warfare and fake blood, then you don’t want to watch this one. That being said, this one has a timeless charm.

Speaking of reoccurring themes in Korean dramas this year, medical dramas as always continue to be very popular. My favorite of all of these, for 2014 at least is Doctor Stranger. I’m still not a fan of the actual surgical scenes (sometimes I actually skip ahead), but I love the storyline and the political intrigue. I look forward to finding out how is this one going to end. I can usually figure them out way ahead of time, and I’m still not positive with this one.

I don’t think there’s any doubt that the ultimate number 1 drama for 2014 without contest so far is You Who Came From The Stars. The Gangnam Style of the Korean Drama world. This one has become almost too big for it’s own good, at least in my opinion. Jun Ji Hyun never has to make another drama again if she wants. And as for Kim Soo Hyun.. he may have knocked Lee Min Ho off his pedestal with his performance in this one. I know that may be going a bit far, but it’s the truth. ☺

Happy Drama Watching everyone! ☺

Full drama list from the video:

5. Witch’s Romance – 마녀의 연애

4. You’re All Surrounded – 너희들은 포위됐다

3. Inspiring Generation – 감격시대

2. Doctor Stranger – 닥터 이방인

1. You Who Came From The Stars – 별에서 온 남자

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