In light of the recent ARMY takeover of all the kpop charts I decided it was quite appropriate to do a video dedicated to these boys.

As I say in the video I feel like a “mom” because I’ve been into kpop far longer than they’ve been performing… and they’re babies. But, I couldn’t be more proud and hope that this is the chance for BTS and Kpop to have a bigger, lasting effect on the world music scene.

Before you ask – my bias is Rap Monster but I’m a TOP fan – so that makes sense. As for this list, choosing only 5 songs was nearly impossible. I have like 3-4 honorable mentions that didn’t get included 😂.

What’s your favorite song? Do you have a list? Let me know in the comments!

Happy Drama Watching and Kpop Music Listening everyone!! :)

My Full List from the Video:
5. Boy In Love
3. Danger
2. Blood, Sweat, Tears
1. Epilogue: Young Forever

  • Smolcake~ :3

    I honestly love all of their songs!~