For those of you who may be new to Korean dramas, or at least the Korean pop culture that’s been popular since, say, pre 2011 you may not be as familiar with the artist known as ‘Rain’ or ‘Bi’ which is the Korean word from Rain.


Actually what am I saying? He just came out this year with a brand new CD with hit singles like ‘LA Song’ and ’30 Sexy’. To put it in terms that most of the rest of the world would understand, Bi is like Justin Timberlake.. minus the boy band. He was known as the King of Korean pop music far before Jang Geun Suk, G-Dragon and all the members of EXO really became popular.

Years before Psy came out with his international hit ‘Gangnam Style’, I remember Rain being on the Colbert report, because he was kicking Colbert’s ass in Time Magazine’s most influential people contest. In a time when nobody that I knew knew diddly squat about Korea, Colbert was talking about Rain and comparing him to the Asian likes of Justin Timberlake, Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson. I may be wrong about that, and if he didn’t say it, he should have.

Rain was certainly a force before he went into the military.
During his military career, he made a few bad decisions. Like spending too much time with Kim Tae Hee, but now there’s speculation that they may be getting married, so I think the public has forgiven him for that.

Regardless, he’s making his comeback to the small screen of dramaland after at least a half decade away.

Full List from the video:

5. Fugitive: Plan B – 도망자 플랜 B
4. Orange – 오렌지
3. A Love to Kill – 이 죽일 놈의 사랑
2. Sang Doo, Let’s Go To School – 상두야,학교가자!
1. Full House – 풀하우스

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  • Deidre Crummitt

    MY LOVE <3

  • Arthea Emory

    Full House! That’s how I learned the Three Bears song. Also…the third of the almost three hundred dramas/movies I’ve watched in the past two years. Ninja Assassin…SHIRTLESS AND SMEXY!!!

    *side note/ in my crazy head* Oranges smell sticky!

  • muramurr


  • Alisa4Rain

    I prefer my Rain as a singer. Always love to see him however he shows up but for me….nothing is better than Rain singing and dancing it up on a stage.

  • mischka

    He’s amazing as an actor and as a singer and as a dancer. This man is incredible.

  • Sonya Sonya

    I like both of them. He is very talented.

  • scorpiola

    He does well both as singer and actor, I prefer both!